4 Best “Strongman Training Without Gym” Techniques

A Strongman is someone who lifts heavy objects in fairs, talent or reality shows. In these strongman competitions, the one who lifts the greatest weights in a single go wins. Nowadays, many people train themselves for these competitions. But what about the ones who don’t have access to gym ? Well, this article is for you. It showcases some best ‘Strongman training without gym’ techniques so that you can practice them in your home itself. 

Strongman training without gym

Being a strongman is not an easy task to perform. You need to go through thick-and-thin to achieve it. Also, you should get the driest and fittest possible look to be a strongman. Moreover, they exercise a lot in order to achieve the best possible body and strength ever. Besides, one should be in the habit of an intense and fast-paced training routine to attain that perfect body and the ultimate capability to lift heavy objects. 

Best ‘Strongman Training Without Gym’ Techniques

These are clearly some of the best ‘Strongman training without gym’ techniques that would let you practice even at your own home.

  • Set realistic goals. See, there is a clear gap between confidence and illusion. You may be confident that you can achieve a certain goal. But setting a target which is out of reach in the beginning is not a good sign. You should firstly analyse your body and then jump into it.
  • Lift heavy objects. The first and foremost characteristic feature of a strongman is to lift heavy weights. You can pick some heavy objects in your home to practice. For instance, bed, refrigerator, cylinder, movable cupboard, etc. could be in your list. Also, you can buy weights so that you won’t have to harm your furniture ! 
  • Act like a farmer. You must have seen a farmer in the field. Have you noticed when he was ploughing the field ? This is exactly what you should do. Just take the plough on your shoulders and start practicing. Trust me, this is the best kind of exercise for training like a strongman.

Indulge into a variety of intensity training. Bring a change in your workout routine. Moreover, try to mix things up. For example, cardio, circuit training, calisthenics, deadlift, etc. are a few things you can do to spice up your athletic life. But do follow the basic exercise routine. This is because they are the foundation of your entire Strongman training program.

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