5 foods that beat bloating and flatten your stomach

The chances are that you have a flat stomach, but the bloat keeps it hidden. Doing crunches and abdomen exercises can get you to lose the flab, however, abs are made in the kitchen. You are what you eat is the most relevant phrase here. Bloating is the result of accumulated gas or fluids in the body.

Yes, bloating is what gives you that disproportionate belly. But it is so much more than the looks. Bloating signifies the poor digestive process of the body. It is a process that worsens with age. Therefore, inculcating foods that promote digestion is very crucial in achieving that flat tummy.

List of bloat-free foods items

  1. Greek Yoghurt – Usually diary is seen as the culprit for bloating, but not curds. It consists of actives or bacteria that can help breakdown food easier and promote the digestive process of the stomach. Consume plain, non-fat yoghurt often in order to promote the presence of good bacteria in the abdomen.
  1. Banana – Sodium can be a cause of bloating too. The high potassium content balances sodium levels in the body. There needs to be a good potassium to sodium ratio in order to maintain the water level in the body.
Yellow Banana Fruits on Brown Surface
  1. Cucumber – The high water content reduces bloating by flushing out toxins and gas. The excess water is lost through sweat or urination. In addition, other fruits such as watermelon and grapes also beats bloating. They are also known as natural diuretics. Likewise, other natural diuretics are celery, asparagus and lemon.
sliced cucumber on black textile
  1. Almonds – Almonds contain carbs that are easier to digest in comparison with other nuts. They are rich in healthy fats and protein that keep you full for longer. This in turn prevents you from overindulging in food and causing indigestion.
brown nuts
  1. Green Tea – Green tea is another exmaple of a natural diuretic. It has a high antioxidant ratio and reduces water retention and bloating. Research also shows that it reduces inflammation in the gut and maintain it’s health.
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Take away

Keep in mind that bloating after eating something is what is normal. But being bloated all day every day is a clear sign of an unhealthy gut. Therefore, it is also important to consult a professional. Another key point is that there may be foods that suit you or do not suit you. You need to determine what works for you. There is no one size fits all strategy. Therefore, try various things and find substitutes for foods that cause indigestion or bloating.

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