It has happened so many times that you don’t feel like eating. Eating for hours and still not feeling the urge to eat could be a negative sign. Our body needs an adequate amount of food every 2-3 hours. On the contrary, some people also get this urge to eat continuously without a gap. This is also not a healthy sign. These kinds of people are said to have a poor appetite.

Appetite is the impulse to eat. No matter what time it is, an increase in appetite causes you to eat more food. A significant decrease in appetite leads you to eat less food than the original portion or no food at all. There are many factors which affect appetite. Some factors could be genetic while the others are the ones that we develop with time. These get inculcated in our daily routine as habits which go on with us with time.

So, here are a few reasons why you are losing your appetite.


When our body undergoes stress, it gets disturbed. In that case, the first thing our brain considers is to not eat food or eat food. It is dangerous in both cases. When you do not eat anything, it is harmful. Also, when you eat at this time, you are not eating mindfully.

Fast Food

There is no doubt that fast food does more harm than good. There are many components in the food that is available outside that doesn’t suit our bodies. Infact, it has high levels of sodium, artificial sweeteners and oil into it, making it very unhealthy.     


When a woman is pregnant, her body goes through a lot of changes. Constipation, appetite loss, back aches and many more things are completely normal for them. Infact, many have even witnessed an increase in appetite as they demand for tamarind, raw mango, chocolates, ice cream and many more. 


Whenever our body is under any sort of medications, it reacts differently. Every medicine or therapy responds in a different way to the body. Some may feel the desire to eat while some may lose it. Very easily one could get their appetite out of control.

Disturbed Sleep

Last on the list of reasons for why you are losing your appetite is lack of sleep or incomplete sleep. A disturbed sleep could lead to a change in appetite as our body is not able to carry out the repairing process which it was supposed to carry in the time we sleep. Additionally, reports say that an insomniac person tends to gain weight more than a person with a normal sleeping pattern.


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