5 things not to do in a gym

Gym etiquette is something that everybody needs to practice. Nobody is there to pick up after you or do things for you. That’s why the gym teaches you a lot. You not only put your muscles to work, rather you gain skills that are a requirement in almost all social settings.

Whether you are a frequent gym goer or somebody who just recently began their journey, gym etiquette is exceptionally important. Likewise, a few do’s and don’ts exist in the gym that goes without saying. Common sense and courtesy while working out in a gym can go a long way.

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5 things are a strict no-no at the gym

  1. Clean up after yourself – Seen butt prints, sweaty handles, etc.? Nobody wants to use equipments with somebody else’s sweat on it. Since these equipments are wildly used by many people, it can contain bacteria and viruses. Therefore, wiping down the used equipment is very impotant to keep yourself and the next user safe. Additionally, do not leave your things hanging around. Keep all of your belongings together in order to avoid losing them and especially to provide space for the next person. Likewise, put away any mats, weights, cushion, etc. used by you after a workout.
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  1. Personal space – Do not walk or exercise too close to a person. If you see empty machines, do not go and use the one exactly next to somebody who is working out. Or even if you do, focus on yourself and your stats alone. Similarly for weights, give the inidvidual lifting enough space. This way you keep them and yourselves safe. Also, try and avoid staring at people. Even if you are in awe of their work, do not look for too long. The gym is meant to be s safe space and the users are those who determine the level of safety.
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  1. Don’t hog the equipments – Yes, you may have a workout plan. But when workout in a public space you need to be respectful of others time as well. Do not hog the machine and do not misuse it. You may be using to for an alternate purpose, but another person may want to use it for it’s actual reason. It’s pretty easy – take what you require, use it and then keep it back in it’s place. Avoid using the machine to rest on or texting or using your phone on the machine.
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  1. Do not lift heavy by yourself – Ever heard of a spot buddy or a spot partner. Yes, they are the real ones that ensure you maintain proper form and keep you safe. Even though we may enjoy going to the gym, somebody to help and motivate you is always a bonus. Additionally, a workout buddy makes working out more fun and efficient. If you workout by yourself, which by the wayis completely okay. Never shy away from asking for help. Be it about equipments, directions on even to spot. Almost everybody comes to the gym with common goals, therefore are willing to help you out.
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  1. Do not give advice – Sometimes you advice can end up doing more harm then help. Other times, people tend to get defensive or hostile against the advice. Unless their form is risking their wellbeing or others, refrain from giving advice altogether. It is completely okay to introduce yourself to a frequent neighbour and build a friendship. But unsolicited advice often makes people feel judged or wrong.

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Take away

The process of starting out at the gym can be scary and intimidating. Pieces of equipment can look weird and you may need tons of help in the beginning. However, following these basic things can make the gym experience an excellent one for you and for your neighbors. So come on, let’s get after our goals people.

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