People are exploring new ways to get fit which are more fun and exciting to follow rather than monotonous gym training or jogging. Workouts like Zumba and aerobics have thus gained huge popularity in the past few years among fun-oriented fitness freaks. Both are high-calorie workouts involving certain rhythms and dance steps. However, there are always debates on which one is the most suitable and effective for an individual. While Zumba focuses more on dance steps, aerobics involves strong body movements. This article will give you a brief of both Zumba and aerobics with their respective advantages. At the end of this article, we hope you might be able to choose one of them according to your comfort level.

To start with aerobics is the rhythmic and agile movement of the body and focuses on strength and muscle training. It majorly affects body parts like thighs, shoulders, and results in a reduction of cellulite and fat from around the abdominal area. Around 30 minutes of good aerobics can burn approximately 200-250 kcal depending upon the intensity with which you perform. Besides burning fat, aerobics has various other health benefits including strengthening the heart thereby improving the circulatory system of the body. Moreover, it also promotes motor coordination and increases endurance. Visible changes can be seen just after few weeks of following an aerobic workout, thus making it one of the most fastest and effective methods of exercise and is comparable to cardio training.

On the other hand, Zumba is a modernized and fun form of aerobics. It is a combination of aerobics with Latin dance steps that includes elements of dance like salsa, tango, cha-cha, or Indian/Bollywood music. Fun Is an important part of Zumba while simultaneously focusing on burning calories. It eases the environment making the atmosphere relaxed for working out. There are no repetitive movements in Zumba, unlike aerobics which causes variation in the heart rate making it more effective in strengthening the heart.

Both aerobics and Zumba are categorized under cardio training as per the intensive oxygen exchange that takes place while performing. They are both proven equally effective in improving the cardio system and reducing hypertension and stress. The endorphins released during the performing period helps in elevating the feeling of happiness in the individual. Unlike aerobics, Zumba does not involves complicated or complex steps that are needed to be learned. However, aerobics can be taken by almost everyone of every age.

The choice between aerobics and Zumba actually depends on the individual and the target he aims for. Eventually, both the exercises result in improved health and weight loss, while Zumba is a more pleasurable way to do it, aerobics is recommended for anyone with back problems or people looking for a better body posture.


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