“Tell me something that can’t be done at home” Well there are many things, but, not most things. 

In the lockdown time period, many of us could have given a lot of care to our own bodies, but most of us haven’t. 

Aerobic is a kind of exercise of physical activity that is highly recommendable for the heart and lungs. And these are the exercise can be done at home. EASILY. 

Aerobics are like DIY. Do it yourself. 

Have you ever felt guilty eating too much unhealthy food and welcoming so many calories in your body, already knowing that you already have eaten enough? Your inner soul is begging you to see the reality but you so emerge in your excuse and finding a way to remain in your comfort zone. “I will go to the gym” that’s what lie you are feeding to yourself. Well, it’s great if you go to the gym, but the time period you take for finally going to the gym one day, you can do aerobic at your home.

  1. Punching in the air – When you are frustrated and done with someone and badly wanted to threw punches, threw them in the air. Not over the person, Ofcource. If you want you can even punch the wall for making your knuckles strong, but it will hurt a lot, so recommending the air, cause air won’t follow the third law of law. But your arms stretching will help. You can even do it randomly, whenever if you feel like, but make sure not to get hurt or hurt someone. Throw punches slowly. 
  2. Jumping ropes – It will also increase your height. The line you will say after doing skipping will be “Kaya bawal cheez ha!!! Pura system he hilla daala.”  When you do skipping your thighs, legs, brain, arms, wrist, shoulder, ankle come together to work in coordination The whole body will start sweating in minutes and will burn enough amount of calories. 
  3. Dancing – Play your favorite music a loud then party-party-party-party. Set your own party area and dance for your own, alone. Or put your earplugs on and move your body in the air. Make your own steps and take a feel like a celebrity. Even you don’t know to dance, still dance for yourself. Dancing is the greatest and funniest exercise that exists. The amount of body burn calories and make your mind fresh. The pleasure you feel at the end will be more relaxing than resting.
  4. Jumping at a place or Running the stairs –  Ever count the stairs of your house. Well, try to run on them and count the thigh pushups on it. Jumping at the same place or running the stairs increase your strength and make you sweat like a hell.

Note – Try not to harm yourself. Be careful while doing aerobics kind exercise at home. And just don’t push over too much just in one day. Day by day increase your timing for doing particular aerobic exercise. Take proper diet as aerobics will utilize every muscle of your body and nutrition intake will increase. 


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