Aqua Zumba: Put those moves in the pool

Are you getting bored hitting the same gym every day? Or performing the same workout chart, drenched in sweat? Well, with the world developing, fitness practices are also evolving. One such new trend is Aqua Zumba.

Practiced and used by people all around the world, it is gaining popularity. Read the blog to find out more about the form and its advantages in detail.

What is Aqua Zumba?

Starting with Zumba, it is a mix of various dance forms, performed at high intensity. It can help you to burn almost 600 calories per day.

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Aqua Zumba is combining the Zumba moves within a water body, usually a pool. It makes us perform the steps with larger movements by greater stretching. The buoyancy of the water allows you to move in different directions without the risk of injuries.

Advantages of Aqua Zumba

The entire form is great fun. The slow movements combined with resistance training help you lose weight easily. Not only weight loss, but Aqua Zumba also has several other advantages too. They are listed below:

1. Weight Loss

Aqua Zumba enables weight loss since it is a form of resistance training. You burn a lot of calories during the exercise, which makes you lose weight.

2. Flexibility

Zumba itself is a flexible exercise. And doing the same underwater against the force of buoyancy makes our joints and muscles more flexible.

3. Reduces joint pain

Several studies have proven that it is successful in reducing inflammation in joints. People suffering from joint pain are usually recommended low-impact exercise. Therefore, this is the best option.

4. Stress Buster

Well, who doesn’t like water games to refresh themselves? Aqua Zumba is a great way to relieve all the stress and anxiety. The water pressure increases blood circulation and reduces resting heart rate.

5. No injury

The greatest benefit of water exercises overland ones is the reduced risk of injuries. The body remains submerged under the water and thus, it acts as a cushion.

6. Tones muscle

The resistance force against the body from multiple directions makes the body do tremendous workouts and thus, tones the body. The muscles are strengthened and the extra fat is reduced.

7. Endurance

Zumba underwater is a great cardio exercise. It increases the body’s ability to undergo strain and force, making it more endured.

Aqua Zumba is a great exercise with a mix of fun and health. They are growing more popular day by day. If you have ever tried Aqua Zumba, do let us know your experience in the comment box.


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