Are bodyweight exercises effective?


Bodyweight exercises are one of the most fundamental ways to increase muscle, strength, and fitness, whether you are on vacation, traveling, or trapped at home.

So, does doing bodyweight exercises help you keep your muscle mass? Yes, bodyweight exercises can help you keep your muscle mass in check. However, some practical expectations must be addressed first. By simply practicing bodyweight motions, many beginners, for example, might observe increases in muscle growth, strength, and, at the very least, muscle mass maintenance. More experienced and advanced lifters will find it more difficult to gain muscle and strength.

Beginners often progress with bodyweight and other types of resistance exercise since they began at the beginning. To stay ahead of the adaptation processes that occur when a novice improves, they must increase loading, increase training volume, and constantly progress motions. For more advanced and experienced lifters, such as those who have been training for more than 6-12 months, bodyweight motions for 10-20-30 reps may not be demanding enough to cause muscle failure (and ultimately growth). Muscle maintenance, on the other hand, can occur even when exercise is less strenuous than normal.

How to do bodyweight exercises

Here are a few ideas for how to maintain muscle mass without using weights.

  • Continuing to exercise is one of the simplest ways to maintain muscle mass.
  • Choosing an exercise programme that focuses on compound movements, integrates progressions and periodization, and is designed to strengthen muscles throughout the body can assist you in not only retaining but also gaining muscle mass.
  • Bodyweight exercises are necessary components of any fitness program.
  • When weight training, it’s not always a good idea to work a muscle to complete failure on every set.
  • Many beginners, on the other hand, can benefit and obtain results by training bodyweight motions to near-failure levels.
  • Another way to maintain muscle mass with body weight training is to do it more frequently.
  • By working muscles more frequently but in lesser doses per training session, you can spread your overall volume out over the week.


It’s important to note that experienced lifters and strength/power athletes will have a more difficult time sustaining muscle mass without the usage of weights than beginners or endurance athletes. This is most likely due to bodyweight exercises not generating enough external loading to induce muscle tension and bodily responses in more advanced lifters.

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