Are calisthenics good for strength training?

Strength Training

Resistance or strength training is using muscle contraction in order to build strength. During which you move your body against a form of resistance. For example : weights. It builds endurance, strength and the size and shape of muscles.

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What is Calisthenics?

Even if you are unsure about what it is – chances are you have witnessed it. Ever seen a human flag? That’s the practice of Calisthenics. Calisthenics is a form of strength training that teaches you to master your bodyweight with the assistance of various movements. Additionally, these movements target various different muscle groups. This training requires very minimal equipment. Both body and mind involvement and correlation are required to achieve good stability, strength, and mobility. 

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What Calisthenics does to your body

  1. Calisthenics involves compound exercises. The constant movement makes it efficient for weight loss and building muscle. 
  2. Endurance – It is better to burn calories. This type of circuit training is a good way to improve muscle endurance. It also improves the body’s resistance to fatigue over time.
  3. Flexibility – This type of exercising requires a certain level of flexibility. Therefore, over time it improves the body’s flexibility and stability. 
  4. Involves the whole body – While exercises can be divided into upper and lower body. A lot of the time there is a mixture of both the muscle areas – even if that may not be the intention. 

Common Training Exercises

Since we use our own bodyweight to carry out exercises, no special equipment is required. However, a pull-up bar is essential while doing calisthenics workout.

  1. Pushups
  2. Lunges
  3. Sqauts
  4. Crunches
  5. Pullups
  6. Hand Stands
  7. Chin ups
  8. Planks

Take away

Calistehnics is an excellent form of strength training. However, in the long run – adding weight training can prove to be more efficient. Calisthenics for strength training have multiple benefits. This way you get the benefits of both kinds of exercises thereby improving muscle strength, endurance as well as stability of the body.

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