Water, Paani, Mul, Mizu, Voda, Vode, Agua, Nero, Eua, etc. What are these, well recognized or pointing out the universal solvent in other languages.

Your official name, the name you used for social media, or the name by which your parents call you. You are the same but you carry different names and again you are the same but you are different when you are officially or informal terms, something else on social media, and innocent in front of family.

The same things you can relate with Cardio and Aerobics, Characteristics are the same but the presenting style is different. The only technical or mechanical difference is that Cardio is related to heart recognition while aerobic is related to oxygen recognition. Cardio and Aerobics is like Pepsi and Coca Cola.


          Particular                Cardio              Aerobics
Exercise involveRunning, Elliptical, Cycling, Swimming, Rope Jumping, etc.Jogging, Biking, Rope Skipping etc
BenefitsWeight lossStrong heartMore EnergyBetter SleepIncrease EnergyLess risk of heart diseaseReduce body fatImproves Sleep

From the above table, it is clearly visible that Aerobics and Cardio are the same things. They both involve the same kind of exercise therefore the same benefits. Hence you can say that both are the same thing.


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