Are Pilates really effective?

Pilates is the physical fitness system developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates. It became very popular lately and is widely practiced in the USA, UK, Canada, and other countries.
A common question raised by all is that is pilates really effective? Well, effectiveness depends on your goals but there are many ways in which they are effective. Scroll down for more.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a group of low-impact exercises that aims to strengthen core muscles by improving postural alignment and endurance movements. It is collectively inspired by yoga, calisthenics, and ballet. The moves might look simpler, but it requires a great deal of concentration and precision. As an end result, you have a better core, flexible, and sculpted muscles.

Usually, you need a mat, but nowadays, gyms have a special machine called a reformer for better performances.

Benefits of Pilates.

As it is a low-impact exercise, you might not sweat a lot, but you would surely feel your every muscle while doing it. Some of the benefits include (1):

1. Toning your body

If you want that perfect, lean, and toned body, pilates might be worth the effort. It focuses on your abdomen, hips, thighs, shoulders, and butt. It is also successful in decreasing hip circumference.

2. Improving posture and flexibility

Since pilates involves balance and core exercises, there is a great improvement in posture. You can certainly try it after long work from home hours. One of the most important benefits of it is improving flexibility. It is often combined with yoga for the best results.

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3. Relieves chronic back pain

Back pain is a common problem and so is pilates as a common solution. They strengthen spinal muscles and helps to build the core muscles.

4. Arthritis

A combination of aerobic exercises and strength training can help to curb arthritis and keep joints flexible. Doctors advise them to be an important part of your exercise program if you suffer from joint-muscle pain.

5. Weight loss

Pilates is not very effective in direct weight loss. However, you can combine it with cardio exercises for better results. It is effective in decreasing BMI and reducing abdomen fat.


The effectiveness of pilates is dependent on your goal. If you are planning to increase lower abdomen strength and upper body core strength, you can go for the exercise. It is also effective in pain management, increasing flexibility, and other injury rehabilitation.
As a plus point, you can combine it with other exercises like cardio, yoga, and aerobic workout for better results and performance.

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