Are The Tai Chi And Yoga Same

Tai chi and yoga have many similarities. Both are gentle, low-intensity exercises that have been practiced for hundreds of years and good for the mind and body. Particularly, they have been shown to be beneficial for older adults. They are considered as fitness cousins.

Tai chi and yoga have various health and wellness benefits. Both can improve the balance, flexibility, strength, mobility, mood, quality of life and thinking skills. They also reduce pain and the risk of falls.

Tai Chi VS Yoga

According to (Supreme Chi) online journal by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association, Tai chi is a mind-body practice that originated in China as a martial art. A person doing tai chi moves with very slow dance like flow body movement, while breathing deeply and meditating. Many people who practice tai chi believe it helps the flow of ‘qi'(a vital energy) throughout the body.

Yoga is more static. It focuses more on achieving a posture and maintaining it for several seconds or a few minutes depending on the form’s intensity, while breathing deeply and meditating.

Both Yoga and Tai chi are easy at beginner level but when the intensity grows, Tai chi become more demanding than Yoga. And of course it is crystal clear that tai chi has been developed as a form of martial arts. There are even forms where you’ll need a partner during drilling exercises and pushing hands variations.

Benefits of Tai Chi:

Improves muscular strength and definition

Improves balance and flexibility

Enhances endurance and stamina

Enhances aerobic condition

Helpful in weight loss

Helps alleviate back pain

Boosts cardiorespiratory function

Improves congnitive function

Improves sleeping patterns

Reduces stress levels

Decreases anxiety, mild depression, and mood disorders.

Benefits of Yoga:

Reduces back pain

Decreases arthritis discomfort

Decreases pain and stress level as it produces endorphins

Helps maintain a healthy sleep cycle

Improves balance and flexibility

Lowers blood pressure and improves respiration

Boosts immune system

The benefits of tai chi and yoga are pretty much the same. They improve your muscles, movement, and flexibility, and can also improve your mental health.The best part of these exercises is that you don’t need any equipment to perform them.

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