Arthritis can be defined as the swelling of your joints. It is categorized into two types namely- rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis results in the breaking of cartilage while rheumatoid arthritis primarily attacks the joints of the body. One of the major symptoms of any type of arthritis is fatigue. Fatigue can be defined as a sense of exhaustion, decreased mental capacity, and tiredness. It is more common during rheumatoid arthritis in comparison to osteoarthritis. Arthritis fatigue differs from normal fatigue, as one might feel the arthritis fatigue without even actually doing a strenuous task.

The main reason people feel tired when suffering from arthritis is due to inflammation or chronic pain sometimes experienced even after a workout session. When your body faces inflammation it undergoes stress while managing to release inflammatory cytokines in the body which causes fatigue. The exhaustion might also last long depending on the degree of inflammation and the amount of work done by the body. Dealing with pain might be another reason due to which one can possibly feel exhausted. During exercising if one undergoes chronic pain Might feel tired afterward. Other common causes of fatigue might be medical conditions like anemia. A lack of red blood cells results in early exhaustion of the muscles resulting in a feeling of tiredness. Heavy training and intensive exercises that result in muscle loss might add to your feeling of tiredness since muscle loss causes a burden on the remaining muscles which then increases fatigue in general.

However, we tend to provide you with a few tips to recover from the excessive fatigue that you feel due to your rheumatoid arthritis and might help you feel re-energized. To start with, although this might feel against the flow, make sure you engage yourself in a few movements. Regular light exercises make your muscle stronger and drain some of your fatigue by increasing the blood flow to your brain and muscles. When you feel active throughout the day, it helps in getting a better sleep thus making you feel refreshed and less tired the next day. Therefore, good sleep is essential to cure fatigue. Besides these, it is extremely important to take care of your diet. A well-balanced meal including vegetables, protein, and fruits will help you in coping with the feeling of exhaustion. It will provide you with enough energy and essential nutrients to keep you active throughout the day.


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