Attractive Physique: – What does it look like?

Your first impression is your last impression” There is no wonder why they say this often. Physique and appearance introduce you even before you speak. So, one may ask, “what does an attractive physique look like?”

The definition of attractiveness differs from one person to another. One may find a body attractive while others find it not a wonder. It also differs in respect to genders. But there are certain parameters and qualities which make a body distinguished.

1. Health

Be it any gender, a healthy lean body always makes you stand apart, also making an attractive physique. A healthy body means a body that has a normal BMI (24.9).

[ BMI = Weight (kg) /Height*Height (m) ]


A normal BMI that there is no extra fat concentration in your body. An obese person, with a higher BMI, is at risk of more diseases. Similarly, an underweight person, with a lower BMI, has a risk of running into severe diseases.

2. Proportions

An ideal waist to hip ratio of 0.81-0.85 (in women) and 0.96-1.0 (in men) is considered attractive. Higher ratios aren’t preferred, both health and appearance-wise.

waist ratio

A study showed that women preferred stronger and wider shoulders. It was also observed that women preferred taller, leaner, and stronger men. The major takeaway from the study was it emphasized that height, weight, and proportions played an important role in deciding attractiveness.

Similarly, men found that women in hourglass shapes (low waist-hip ratio) were more attractive and eye-catching. Several men found a short torso and long legs more ideal. (Study)

3.Facial features

face structure

Facial features are considered an important part of deciding how one can engage. People with slim faces are considered ‘smart’ and look a little fit than chubby cheeks. Chubby cheeks have an image of being ‘cute’. Most people found high cheekbones, chiseled jawlines, and longer brows more attractive in women. Whereas men having beards and strong jaws were considered attractive.

These are generic opinions of attractiveness. The opinion of looking attractive, as stated, changes from person to person. We can’t define any body as a perfect body, since all have their own flaws. However proper diet and exercise can bring you a healthy body.

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