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CrossFit and Bulking: A myth?

Wanna try CrossFit but hesitant that it will make you bulky? Debunk the myth. Read the article to find whether CrossFit make you bulky.

Will fish oil help you in losing weight?

Thinking of weight loss? Maybe fish oil can help. Learn about role of fish oil in reducing weight and its other benefits.

Strengthen your quads with these 5 exercises.

Strengthen your thighs and joints with these 5 quads exercises, just at home. Say bye to joint pain and osteoporosis.

Atkins Diet: The 4-phase low carb diet

Create your own carb tolerance level with this popular diet of 1970s. Read more about Atkins Diet and what can you eat for that perfect healthy body.

Mediterranean Diet: The new low carb diet

With the increase in risk from high-processed, added sugar and oily foods, the concern of maintaining a healthy diet has increased. People are following various diet plans to stay healthy. Among various...


Wondering how can powerlifting cause piles or hemorrhoids? Here is how it is caused and you can prevent it? Visit this page

Attractive Physique: – What does it look like?

Wanna know how attractive body looks like ? Check out to know what studies have found out attractive bodies look like.

Do you have these things in your gym bag?

With a little ease in restrictions, gyms are officially opening. With proper precautions, probably most of you are ready to hit the treadmill. But is your gym bag ready? Here is the...

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