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5 ways in which Capoeira can change you

Capoeira was bought by Master Sylvia Bazzarelli in 1998. From then, capoeira became a famous martial art all around the world. But how did a martial art become so popular among the...

Aqua Zumba: Put those moves in the pool

Are you getting bored hitting the same gym every day? Or performing the same workout chart, drenched in sweat? Well, with the world developing, fitness practices are also evolving. One such new...

Testosterone Booster: Should I take it?

Different kinds of hormones in the human body are responsible for various physical and mental development, functions, and changes. Different glands secrete different hormones. One such hormone is the sex hormone. They are...

Beachbody 21 Days Fix- Pros and Cons.

There are various types available that offer quick and fast results in terms of weight loss. They are very popular among the masses and are followed heavily. However, there is one diet that stands apart from all other diets. This is called Beachbody 21 day fix. The following blog deals with what is diet, the pros, and cons and what can you eat.

Bone Density and Athletic Performance

Bone Density is a measure of minerals, in a standard volume of bone. It also has certain effects on athletic performance. Read more.

How to meal prep salads that stay fresh all week

keeping salads fresh is a tough task. These prep salads tend to get soggy when kept for a longer time. The people who usually consume salads during lunchtime often complain that it is stale and the nutritional value of the food has declined.

All you need to know about water aerobics

One of the forms of aerobics is water aerobics. Also known as aquatic fitness, waterobics, or aquafit, it is a type of resistance training that involves exercising in water. This new form is gaining huge popularity due to its innumerable benefits.

Tai Chi- Basics you need to know

There are many methods of meditation that can give you a sense of calm peace and balance. However, Tai chi e is one of the Chinese martial art which is concerned with both relaxation of the mind and self-defense.

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