Yoga is something that is a part of our regular life unconsciously. It does not always mean bending and stretching to form a hard posture. Simply getting out of your bed and casually stretching your arms is also yoga. Yoga can be defined as a form of exercise that tends to pay attention to your body alignment and postures and works on your body mentally to gift you with inner peace. Merely stretching and bending might seem like an easy task to do and its capabilities are often ought to be questioned, however, such simple postures are not as easy as they seem and can do wonders to your body physically and mentally. Yoga is a basic form of stretching that can be done at home and is considered to be an asset for someone reluctant to hit the gym, yet still dreaming of a more flexible and apt body. Many people who do yoga might be aware of the fact that its difficulty level can be raised as high as per their convenience. It provides a broad spectrum of stretching the stiffened muscles of your body. To all the readers, who are new to this concept, we provide you with some basic and easy yoga poses along with their benefits that you
can start with at home.

1. Triangle Pose (trikonasana)
start to withstand with your feet a little wide apart and stretch your arms to sides at the height of your shoulders. Turn your right leg 90 degrees outside and slightly tilt your left leg to adjust. Now engage the quadriceps and abdominals while bending down over to your right leg. Place your right hand down on your right ankle and raise your left arm high up keeping it straight towards the ceiling. Look up and hold the pose for around 30-45 seconds. Come back to the original position and repeat the same steps with the opposite side.

It is a simple yet extremely beneficial standing posture to stretch your side waist and strengthen your legs. The primarily affected area are your thighs and thus works wonders on toning your quadriceps and hamstrings

2. Bridge
To start with lie down on your back and hands straight stretched out on the floor with the palm facing down. With your knees up and distant your feet a bit apart while resting it on the floor. Now press firmly on your feet and slowly lift up your buttocks off the yoga mat while interlocking your hands, try to press your fists and expand your chest as much as possible and engage your
hamstrings. Hold the posture for around 30 seconds and come back. Repeat at least 2-3 times.

This posture works on your back, hip, neck, and hamstrings. The posture improves blood circulation in the mentioned areas and helps in reducing stress by calming the brain and the central nervous system. Additionally, it improves digestion and works on thyroid glands and the abdominal area.

3. Standing forward bend (Uttanasana)
Take a deep breath and bend forward sticking your upper body to your lower body. Rollover your hands from behind the hamstrings. If the hamstrings feel too tight, loosen the knees and let your head hang slightly keeping feet apart. Hold the pose for around 3-4 breaths.

The posture stretches your hips and hamstrings and works on the lower body, primarily the legs. Helps in retaining the flexibility of the spine and reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Hanging your head relieves the tension in your neck and spine.

4. Butterfly pose
To start with, sit on the mat and fold your legs in the front while keeping the base of your feet stick together. Hold your feet with your hands to provide support. Inhale and flutter your thighs, while breathing continuously for 3-4 breathes. Release the posture and ease your hips.

The butterfly pose possesses a great stretch for the inner thighs it improves the stiffening of the lower body due to long sitting hours by improving blood circulation. For women, it is extremely beneficial as it provides relief to menstrual discomfort

5. Seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana)
sit on the mat and stretch your legs in the front. While slowly exhaling bring your torso (upper body) over to your legs by bending forward and touch the base of your feet with your hands. Adjust your knees to allow the pose to be manageable. Stretch your spine as much as possible while leaning forward. Hold for 4-5 breaths.

The forward bend pose helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It stretches the spine and hamstrings and works on your digestive system. It helps relieve menstrual discomfort and reduces fatigue, therefore is often advised for women facing menstrual disturbances.

These are some basic and easy-to-follow yoga poses while at home. We hope that they prove beneficial to you and you notch them up a bit and challenge yourself for much more complex postures. Happy stretching!


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