Basics Of Powerlifting For Women

Whenever it comes to powerlifting, we had only one thing in mind- a man lifting weights. But now, this is the new society. Moreover, it has brought with it new thoughts and ideas. Nowadays, women are participating in almost every field. May it be sports, space, politics or any such place where only men were allowed earlier, women have already hosted their flag of participation. Also, they are winning several awards and making themselves and their families and countries proud. Furthermore, there are several competitions on powerlifting for women.

powerlifting for women


Powerlifting is a competition that occur in the Olympics or any other related place. It is a sport in which they judge your strength and reward you. You have to lift particular weights to showcase your power. Additionally, a participant has to lift the maximum possible weight. This weight lifting should happen in a single attempt. The one who lifts the maximum weights wins the prize.

Powerlifting For Women

Every powerlifting competition occurs in three phases such as deadlift, squat and bench press. Every level has its own importance. Firstly, the deadlift is a round in which a barbell is lifted upto the level of the hips. Consequently, a squat is an exercise form in which one has to bend to the knee level and then get back to the original position. This is followed by bench press. Finally, the bench press is an exercise in which a person lies on the bench with their feet on the ground, lifting weight with their arms. 

The same is the case with powerlifting for women as well. They need to give their best in order to win the competition. Although they may seem less in number, this is not the case. A woman has to toil day and night for several years in order to get there. Therefore, there are a few tips and tricks that would be useful if you are thinking about powerlifting.

How To Train Yourself For Powerlifting

Powerlifting is not a child’s play. Additionally, its training is not a bed of roses. One must buckle down to achieve the top position. Further, one needs to bring a few changes in their routine in order to achieve their dream. So, here are a few points to keep in mind while preparing for powerlifting.

  • Plan your routine. 
  • Get knowledge about this field and its pros and cons.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Find a good powerlifting trainer. 
  • Work hard.

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