Beetroot juice is considered a high source of various nutrients. Its popularity has risen highly in the past few years due to the presence of various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and the numerous benefits it provides to the human body. Researches have found links between beet juice as a cure for various health problems including blood pressure, inflammation, athletic performance, and anemia.

This article will brief you with an important use of beet juice, which is the ability to increase your hemoglobin levels and thus recover from anemia. Many doctors tend to advise their anemic patients to consume beetroot juice to raise their hemoglobin levels and cure the disease naturally without heavy drugs or iron supplements and tablets.

But what role does beet juice plays in increasing hemoglobin levels? Well, to start with, anemia is the deficiency of iron in the body. Iron is a major constituent of the red blood cells which transport oxygen and blood throughout the body. The deficiency of iron leads to the deficiency of blood in the body or a decrease in hemoglobin levels. Symptoms of anemia might include fatigue, headaches, or rapid heartbeats. Beetroots are a rich source of iron and get their nutritional power from various inorganic nitrates. The nitrates when ingested by us are converted into nitrites by bacteria. The nitrite later produces nitric oxide which is essential for our body for various biological functions. NO regulates the blood supply, muscle contraction, and a balance of other nutrients. Primarily NO relaxes and widens our blood vessels causing the efficient amount of oxygen and blood to pass through the body. This is how beet juice helps in the elevation of hemoglobin levels. Moreover, Beetroot supports the repairing of red blood cells that results in an increased amount of oxygen supply. Besides being a rich source for NO and raising hemoglobin beet juice also provides various other benefits with other nutrients like vitamin C.

Thus if you are looking to increase your blood levels of hemoglobin or if you’re suffering from a deficiency condition like anemia, raw beetroot, and beetroot juice might be the best possible solution or rather medicine to your cure.


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