Beetroot juice or beet juice is a magenta-colored liquid that is known to work as a health drink. It is a high nutrient drink known to enhance athletic performance and overall health. Beet juice is highly rich in naturally occurring nitrates and antioxidants. Beet juice contains plant-derived nitrates that get converted to nitric oxide NO in our body. NO works as a vasodilator and widens up the blood vessels as a result of which the blood flow and oxygen supply increases in our body. Consequently, this also regulates the blood pressure maintaining healthy levels.

Beet juice is known to have various benefits. Some of them include enhanced athletic performance, decreased fatigue, and increased endurance. You can receive additional and raw benefits if the juice is processed on your own to incorporate higher amounts of unfiltered nutrients like nitrates and antioxidants. Beet juice is more biologically available for the body as it is devoid of fibers and concentrates which makes it easier to absorb by the body.

However, many people have been known to use beet powder as an alternative the beet juice. The most common reason being easy consumption and intake in the form of powder. Contrary to common misconception, beet juice is more or less equally concentrated with nutrients like beet juice. However, unlike beet juice beet powder is less thick although it tastes the same. Beet powder can be additionally used in various forms besides a pre-workout drink. Since beet powder is processed from beet juice itself, by cold pressing and high-temperature drying, it tends to preserve the most amount of the same nutrients.

However, when it comes to choice, the best option is to go for the raw form of the food, followed by juice concentrate, and lastly supplement or powder form. Beet powder is known to contain a lesser amount of carbohydrates and is more suitable for those looking to gain other benefits besides its prime nutrients and are more into diet and losing weight. Carbs are not harmful to you however if your focus is to lower carb and sugar intake while simultaneously maintaining the energy levels required by the body, you can definitely opt for the powder form. Beet powder is not known to be exactly defined in the category of supplements and is not known to have any such major side effects.

Both beet juice and powder provide equal and same nutritional values. Therefore one can consume beetroot in whatever form they wish to as long as it is included in their diet meal. Make sure you try beetroot once in your lifetime either in juice or as powder.


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