Skincare is probably one of the few things that people invest in without any second thoughts. From visiting dermatologists to buying the most expensive skin products, one does not shy away from all things possible to get perfectly flawless glowing skin. However, many people are unaware of the fact that they are already working on their skin if they are exercising regularly. No, it is not a misconception, in fact, many dermatologists have found a link between exercising and healthy skin. Let us explore this fact in the next few paragraphs.

The human body is suffering a lot due to an increasingly hectic life and the suffering is clearly displayed in the form of skin problems. Signs of visible aging, discolorations, patches, and dark spots are a few of such hardships your skin has to go through caused by an increased amount of mitochondrial oxidative stress. Exercise has proven to be the best found and natural solution to these skin problems. Regular exercising has the tendency to improve the mitochondrial function of the skin, which is often called the powerhouse of the cell, resulting in healthier skin tissue and reduced wrinkles.

It is a well-known fact that workouts stimulate the circulatory system resulting in increased blood circulation. This is one of the reasons, the term “post-workout glow” has been coined. The increased blood circulation provides an elevated amount of oxygen and hormones like endorphin to your skin, causing it to rejuvenate the skin cells thereby causing the internal radiant glow. Moreover, working out makes you sweat a lot, and as the sweat flushes out of your body it takes along all the impurities with it, which makes your skin feel fresh and new. The sweat also accounts for the loss of facial fat and tones facial muscle providing a strong base for the skin. The most obvious stated cause of skin issues by many experts is an increased amount of stress, which results in acne and pale-looking skin. Exercise is known to reduce stress and increase the amount of serotonin, the happiness hormone, in your body.
This improves one’s mental health, consequently leaving a positive remark on the skin. Along with intensive workouts, light exercises like yoga are also beneficial for your skin. Skin experts say that the excess amount of sugar in our body results in a process known as glycation, the advanced glycation end supposedly binds to collagen, a structural protein present in the connective tissues, making it lose its elasticity, thus resulting in stiff skin and wrinkles along with fine lines. Yoga is capable of reducing this process of glycation binding and giving healthier-looking skin.

Although there are many more such benefits of exercising to your skin, we stated a few of them to give you a better understanding of the whole concept. Thus, instead of pouring extra dollars on chemical skin treatment, not that they are absolutely of no use at all, we recommend you to go natural for more sustainable healthy-looking skin.


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