Benefits of Flax Seeds

What are Flax Seeds?

Flax seeds have built quite a reputation over the past few centuries. It has been associated to be one of the most powerful plant foods in existence. Due to their protective qualities, flax seeds have been used in Ayurvedic medicines.

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Flaxseed consists of antioxidants, fiber, and various healthy fats. Research even suggests that this nutritious plant food consists of 800 times more in lignans in comparison with other foods. Antioxidants prevent disease by removing free radicals. They are what cause tissue damage or disease. Other nutrients that are present in flax seeds are fiber, omega-3 fatty acid, protein, etc. Enough consumption of these nutrients can help prevent disease and promote the quality of life.

Benefits of Flax Seeds

  1. Nutrient rich – The first main benefit of flax seeds is that it is nutrient rich. Functional food is another name. This suggests that it is exactly what a person needs to eat in order to boost their health. Therefore, the high content of lignan, omega-3 fatty acid and fiber does more good for you than you realize.
  2. Heart Health – Omega – 3 plays a crucial role in cardiovascular health and disease prevention. The Omega-3 prevents the hardening of arteries. Additionally, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that help maintain a steady heartbeat. Likewise, the AHA recommended higher consumption of Omega- 3 for better heart health in an indivdual.
  3. Reduce risk of cancer – Studies show how lignans can prevent the growth of new tumorous blood cells from developing. The estrogen and antioxidant components can improve health and lower the risk of cancer. Omega – 3 is known to reduce cancerous risks.
  4. Diabetes – Research shows that regular intake of flax seeds improves blood sugar levels. The fiber content reduces or slows down the exit of sugar into the bloodstream. However, flaxseed oil does not show the same results due to the lack of fiber content.

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Take away

To summarize, flax seeds are dense in nutritional greatness. Nowadays, flaxseeds are available in various forms such as oil, capsules, powder, flour, etc. Therefore, they can be used in whichever manner you prefer due to their versatility. The multiple benefits are the result of the rich nutrients present in the same. With many proven benefits, it’s a great option to add to your daily diet. 

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