Gyms are slowly becoming a fashion show platform these days. The new equipment and athletic wear are attracting more and more people to the world of fitness. A wide variety of gym and athletic wear are now available in the market. However, they might not be as helpful when needed to protect from injuries. It is obvious that in a place full of heavy metal equipment and intensive body workout, physical injuries are common. Therefore, the need for gym supporters came to light, especially for the male
population devoted to physical training.

After, deciding to hit the gym, the next most common decision of what to wear. T-shirts, gym shorts, bands are of course the basics, however, one must take into consideration the use of gym supporters as well. Things like track pants will not support your lower body and male genital organs while using the heavy metal equipment, which is the work of a gym supporter. Let us look into some details.

A gym supporter, also known as an athletic supporter is a type of jockstrap or jock and is similar to underwear. It consists of an elastic waistband with a pouch provided to support the male genitals, similarly to a cup used by cricketers or footballers. The base
of the pouch is supported by two elastic bands that round up to the left and right side of the waist to the hips. The main purpose of the supporter is to provide protection to the male organs with the help of the pouch by holding the genitals in a fixed place during
heavy lifting or workouts.

While working out and performing overhead exercises like dumbbell press, squats weightlifting the waist, and the lower part of the body is put under excessive pressure and resistance, which can result in causing a hernia in the male body. A hernia can be defined as a medical condition caused by the weakening of the abdominal area due to prolonged pressure. This results in swelling or ridging of fat tissue through a weak area in the neighboring muscle or tissue called fascia. A hernia can be very painful to bear in some affected areas. With the gym supporters providing support the lower muscles are devoid of excessive pressure, thereby reducing the chance of hernia and unbearable pain. This is one of the most prominent benefits of wearing a gym supporter.

Alongside the main benefits, various supporting benefits of a gym supporter can include an improved training session and better posture of the lower body which consequently result in an effective workout. After all, that is what the main purpose was from the
starting right. However, a person doesn’t have to be bounded to support an athletic supporter if not needed. It depends on one’s workout regime and choice. A person who is most likely to get hurt in the groin area is often advised to wear one,
however it is not a compulsion.


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