5 Best Leg Fat Burning Exercises

Fat accumulation has become a serious problem in today‚Äôs generation, especially leg fat. It occurs when extra fat from our food intake gets deposited on certain parts of our bodies. Leg is one such part where fat deposition takes place, especially on thighs and calf muscles. This layer of fat not only makes us look bulky, but it also results in some concerning health issues. It is important to burn the settled fat before it’s too late.

Fat, a triglyceride, is made up of the combination of three glycerol esters. There are two types of fats- good and bad. Good fats are found in nuts, seeds and many other related foods, whereas bad fats are present in junk foods. When fats are consumed in excess, they get rested on our muscles, making us stout. So, in order to get rid of the bad fat, we should frequently move and perform plenty of physical activities.

Hence, here are 5 best leg fat burning exercises to get you back to your original form.

1. Squats

Being one of the powerful exercises, it is one of the best options to burn leg fat. In this, a person in his standing position needs to slightly lower their buttocks and then get up. Practicing this for at least 15 seconds is a good start.

2. Running

Running has been an age-old exercise to stay in shape. By the name itself, it is clear that a person has to run several metres to get their leg fat burnt. Doing this for at least 7,000-8,000 steps or covering 5 kilometres is enough for a day. It is important to go for a run for around an hour to be in shape.

3. Lunges

Lunges are known to increase strength and vigour. It is a position when a person has to keep one leg at the back and one leg at the front. There should be atleast one feet distance between the feet. Then, bend till your back leg knee touches the ground, and then get up. Do the same with the other leg as well. Practicing for at least 20 seconds is good for a start.

4. Butterfly Stretch

It has been a crucial asana in Yoga. It targets the entire leg, especially inner thighs and hips. In this, one needs to sit in a place and then bring their feet near their groin. Then join both feet in such a way that the sole touches each other. After joining, it is observed that the legs are shaped as the wings of a butterfly. Flutter your legs for at least 2 minutes, and then you are good to go.

5. Burpees

Burpees is considered to be a complete workout in itself. In this, one needs to bend towards the ground in a squat posture; kicking your feet into a plank; going back to the squat position, and then back to the standing posture. Doing this about 5 times is good for a start.

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