Bhavani Devi: An Athlete who inspired me


Amongst the varied athletes who are inspiring in their own ways and forms. There is one particularly who caught my eye and she is namely, C.A. Bhavani Devi of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She is a sabre fencer and is the first Indian to accomplish the milestone of qualifying for the Olympics. Even though she rose to prominence until recently itself, her journey to rise has not been a cakewalk.

EARLY LIFE: She belongs to a not so affluent household with her father being the sole breadwinner of the family which involved his dainty commission as a priest. Even though her instigation to the sport occurred in her 10th grade, she transformed it into her passion. She worked vicariously towards it despite not just lacking funds to train properly but also without any local role model to look up to. It is safe for us in conferring that Bhavani Devi has risen to become the role model and inspiration that she was not having herself.  .


A niche sport aka career path for an athlete, the selecting process has not been easier either. Since the Asian Federation has consistently been dropping her name in a rather random fit of accountability. By reckoning she stood no chance at medalling at the Asian Games. This scenario had her career in a long hit pause which sent her in a debacle over her choice.

She has consistently been contemplating her decision since her parents had to sell their valuables and jewelry in order to make her achieve her dream. This seemed like a long gone reality. But they had the amount of hope in her which made her reckon her choice. The scenario got her to attain faith in herself as well. She did bide her time like she always did in her sport and raged forward this year with swords blazing.

So, Bhavani Devi fought all the odds and has emerged as a strong contender in fencing and has rightly shown her capabilities in the recently held Tokyo Olympics. This is nothing short of inspirational. It is especially seen that girls from lower middle class families in India are often suppressed a lot and have been forced to marry as well as get into the chaotic life of taking care of a household , but overlooking the way her parents have shown nothing but support in all of her decisions seems really refreshing and a step away from the portrayal of the misogynistic light overshadowed upon most of them since they are put in a generalized sphere of being backward both in mind and financially as well.


I personally am humongously inspired by Bhavani Devi. Since she has an enthusiastic aura unlike many and is always taking things in her stride despite when difficulties befall her way.

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