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Atkins Diet: The 4-phase low carb diet

atkins diet

Low carb diet is the new trend. But there are too many types of low-carb diets, creating confusion: which one should I follow?
Amongst all low-carb diets, the most popular is Atkins Diet. Created by an American cardiologist, Robert C. Atkins in the 1970s, this diet works in 4 phases to balance your carb consumption. It has evolved over time into various forms, but the gist remains the same.

What is Atkins Diet?

The Atkins diet is for weight loss through intelligent consumption of carbohydrates. Primarily, followed in 4 phases, it was initially discarded by medical institutions due to its high-fat content. But recent studies show that saturated fat is harmless.
Atkins diet has four fundamental principles:
1. Weight loss
2. Weight maintenance
3. Good health
4. Prevention of diseases

4 phases of Atkins Diet

Atkins diet has 4 phases which are:

1. Induction

This is the most restrictive part of the diet plan. It focuses on the reduction of carb intake to 20 grams per day, for a minimum of two weeks. Instead, you eat more protein and fat and high nutrient-dense foods.
Since the body has lower carbs, it will burn residual fat. As a result, there will be a drastic weight loss.

2. OWL (Ongoing weight loss)

While induction initiates weight loss, OWL helps to maintain the loss. Your carbohydrate intake will increase to 25 grams for the first week, 30 grams next week, and so on. This phase will continue until you are near 5-10 pounds of target weight.
You can now include low-carb veggies and fruits like berries.

3. Pre-maintenance

Since you are near your target weight, you can increase your carb consumption by 10 grams each week. You can now consume legumes, lentils, fruits. But stay away from starch, whole grains.
Once you reach your desired weight and maintain it for a month, you have reached your carb tolerance level.

4. Life maintenance

This is the key to Atkins diet. Once you have found your carb tolerance level, you can consume carbs without gaining weight. Generally, the carb level varies from 40 to 120 per day depending on various factors like age, gender, metabolism, physical activity level.


What to eat and what not to: A list

To Eat:

Meat, Poultry, Eggs, Lamb, and beef
Seafood such as Trout, Salmon, Sardines
Healthy fats such as Olive oil, avocado oil
Leafy green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale
Butter, full-fat yogurt, cream, soft cheese
Legumes, lentils, nuts, and seeds

To Avoid:

High carb such as whole grains
Starch such as potatoes
Refined oil and vegetable oil such as sunflower oil, soyabean oil
High-processed food, trans fat, diet, and low-fat food
Sugar such as sweets, cakes, candies, soda


Drink 8 glasses of water, green tea, coffee (low sugar)

Atkin diet has many benefits and is followed all over the world. It helps to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. But every individual has their own requirements and body types. Thinking about a radical change in diet? Talk to a doctor or dietican.

Source: The Atkins Diet: Getting Started, Staying Focused

Mediterranean Diet: The new low carb diet

Mediterranean diet

With the increase in risk from high-processed, added sugar and oily foods, the concern of maintaining a healthy diet has increased. People are following various diet plans to stay healthy.
Among various diet types is the Mediterranean diet plan. While focusing on whole grains, fats, and green veggies, and fruits, this diet is perfect for those who want to lose weight and reduce heart diseases. Read ahead to find out what are the benefits of the diet.

What is Mediterranean diet?

Greece, Israel, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Egypt, and 13 other countries form the Mediterranean region. Although all the countries have distinguished cultures and varied food habits, they have few similarities. The Mediterranean diet consists of traditional cuisines of these countries. It has higher fats, proteins, and seafood. In addition to these, vegetables, fruits, whole grains are given huge importance in everyday consumption.

What is it made up of? Is it low carb?

Mediterranean diet is usually high in proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and low carbs. It has mainly plant-based food items and seafood (mainly fish).
Since the modern-day lifestyle is more sedentary, it has low carbohydrates. Carbohydrates included in this diet are in form of whole-grain wheat, oats, and brown rice.
It includes healthy fats like olive oil and Omega-3 fatty acids. This reduces inflammation and lowers body cholesterol.


Health Benefits of Mediterranean Diet

1. Lower heart risks and strokes
2. Lower cholesterol
3. Aid to weight loss
4. Reduced chronic diseases
5. Lower risk of obesity

What can we consume?

The Mediterranean diet focuses more on unprocessed foods. You can consume the following items if following the diet.
1. Vegetables – Tomato, Broccoli, Onion, Cauliflower, Carrots, Cucumber, Sprouts, etc.
2. Fruits – Apples, Bananas, Figs, Dates, Peaches, Pears, Oranges, etc.
3. Seafood – Tuna, Salmon, Shrimps, Mussels, Trout, Oysters, Crabs, etc. (Twice a week is advised)
4. Whole Grains – Brown rice, Barley, Corn, Whole wheat, Oats, etc.
5. Nuts – Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Pumpkin seeds, Hazelnuts, etc.
6. Legumes – Pulses, Peanuts, Chickpeas, Beans, Peas, Lentils, etc.
7. Eggs and poultry
8. Herbs and spices – Basil, Garlic, Mint, Pepper, Cinnamon, etc.
9. Olive oil is the main source of added fat

You should avoid highly processed foods, meats, refined oils, unhealthy fat, and added sugars. Since these items can lead to high cholesterol and higher chances to gain weight.

Wine and dine – The Bonus

The best part about the Mediterranean diet is that it focuses on sharing with friends and all. Living the Mediterranean life means more physical activities and more time with your loved ones. It also advises having 1 glass of red wine per day (in moderation) for lower heart risks However, you can skip it if you suffer from alcohol addiction.

So, enjoy the Mediterranean diet with your loved ones. Comment down your favorite Mediterranean cuisine in the comments.

Source: – Mediterranean Diet 101: A Meal Plan and Beginner’s Guide

Basics Of Powerlifting For Women

Powerlifting For Women

Whenever it comes to powerlifting, we had only one thing in mind- a man lifting weights. But now, this is the new society. Moreover, it has brought with it new thoughts and ideas. Nowadays, women are participating in almost every field. May it be sports, space, politics or any such place where only men were allowed earlier, women have already hosted their flag of participation. Also, they are winning several awards and making themselves and their families and countries proud. Furthermore, there are several competitions on powerlifting for women.

powerlifting for women


Powerlifting is a competition that occur in the Olympics or any other related place. It is a sport in which they judge your strength and reward you. You have to lift particular weights to showcase your power. Additionally, a participant has to lift the maximum possible weight. This weight lifting should happen in a single attempt. The one who lifts the maximum weights wins the prize.

Powerlifting For Women

Every powerlifting competition occurs in three phases such as deadlift, squat and bench press. Every level has its own importance. Firstly, the deadlift is a round in which a barbell is lifted upto the level of the hips. Consequently, a squat is an exercise form in which one has to bend to the knee level and then get back to the original position. This is followed by bench press. Finally, the bench press is an exercise in which a person lies on the bench with their feet on the ground, lifting weight with their arms. 

The same is the case with powerlifting for women as well. They need to give their best in order to win the competition. Although they may seem less in number, this is not the case. A woman has to toil day and night for several years in order to get there. Therefore, there are a few tips and tricks that would be useful if you are thinking about powerlifting.

How To Train Yourself For Powerlifting

Powerlifting is not a child’s play. Additionally, its training is not a bed of roses. One must buckle down to achieve the top position. Further, one needs to bring a few changes in their routine in order to achieve their dream. So, here are a few points to keep in mind while preparing for powerlifting.

  • Plan your routine. 
  • Get knowledge about this field and its pros and cons.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Find a good powerlifting trainer. 
  • Work hard.

REFERENCE: Ironbull Strength

Does Mediterranean Diet Reduce Inflammation ?

Does Mediterranean Diet Reduce Inflammation ?

Inflammation is a serious problem faced by many people. Many get rashes or severe pains because of this. Moreover, it is increasing day by day. There are medications for this, but most of them are temporary. Would you believe me if I say that I have a permanent cure to inflammation ? Yes, this is possible by opting for a simple yet effective diet plan. And it is none other than Mediterranean Diet. But, does mediterranean diet reduce inflammation ?

What Is Mediterranean Diet ?

This is a diet plan that is derived from the region near Mediterranean sea. The countries surrounding the sea follow the diet plan. Spain, Greece and Italy have a close bonding with this diet. This is one of the most lively and active diet plan ever made. Furthermore, this plan covers almost all the foodstuffs available around the region. Additionally, meditarrenean diet is a heart friendly food plan.

does mediterranean diet reduce inflammation

For instance, legumes, beans, vegetables, nuts, etc. are of prime importance in this. In addition to that, they include seafood and dairy products. Olive oil is a main ingredient of their foods. Clearly, it is a great source of added healthy fats in the meals. Not only do they have balanced meals, but also they do follow cheat days. These off days are often some special occasions when one can have red meat and wine.

Does Mediterranean Diet Reduce Inflammation ?

Studies have shown that Mediterranean does reduce inflammation. Certainly, it is anti-inflammatory in nature. Also, it cures heart inflammation. Since it is an overall approach for a healthy lifestyle, it is a permanent cure of inflammation. Infact, it also cures the negative effects of highly inflammatory foods on the body.

The diet plan is a storehouse of essential nutrients and fatty acids. Fresh vegetables, legumes, herbs and spices form the framework of this diet plan. Fresh fruits replace the desserts. Fish take a spot at least twice a week. Olive oil is a healthy fat source for preparing meals.

Besides, olive oil has monounsaturated fat. For this reason, it is used in good quantities in meal prep. Also, mediterranean diet has positive effects on the body. Reports clearly show that those who follow this plan tend to have low death risks compared to others by 18%. Further, it lowers the cardiac arrests and strokes by 20%.Thus, the question to ‘Does meditarrenean diet reduce inflammation’ is definitely a ‘Yes’.

SOURCES: EndocrineWeb , Mayo Clinic

The Mediterranean Diet: Gluten-free choice?


Can the Mediterranean diet be gluten-free?

In order to understand the Gluten-Free Mediterranean Diet, let us first determine the Mediterranean diet. 

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean diet 7-day meal plan

Inspired by the people surrounding the Mediterranean Sea like Greece, Italy, and Spain.

This style of eating was adopted from their eating and diet habits. Hence, this idea revolves around traditional forms of food that were consumed by the people of these lands.

They avoid refined carbs such as white pasta, white bread as well as refined oils and saturated sugars. 

Studies proved people with such a diet were shown to be much healthier than those who followed the American lifestyle. There is no one list of foods, rather the general idea is to consume foods on the healthier side.

Consequently, the best part is that it can be modulated according to personal needs and goals. Additionally, this diet has proven to cause weight loss and prevent many chronic illnesses.

The Gluten-Free Mediterranean Diet

Following the Mediterranean Diet but making modifications in terms of the grains consumed. The main significant change is substituting whole grains for any gluten-containing grains such as millets, brown rice, quinoa, etc.

Diet recommendations are as follows :

Highly recommended foods : 

7 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Go Gluten-Free
Mediterranean Diet: Complete Food List and 14-Day Meal Plan | Everyday  Health
  1. Vegetables 
  2. Nuts
  3. Seeds
  4. Legumes
  5. Potatoes
  6. Seafood 
  7. Spices and Herbs 

In moderation : 

  1. Poultry 
  2. Eggs 
  3. Cheese 
  4. Healthy Fats

Conclusion :

Any dietary change made should be gradual. Baby steps can go a long way. Adding fiber-rich foods is essential in order to help the gut adjust. Also, it is equally important to drink adequate amounts of water. Consulting a professional can help direct your diet and ensure that you are receiving the needed vitamins and minerals. Many problems such as iron deficiency can arise with sudden or improper shifts in dietary plans. in conclusion, a diet can be easily made gluten-free.

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powerlifting and hemorrhoids

Wait, are you lifting weights regularly? However, you probably don’t want to get diagnosed with hemorrhoids (or piles). Lifting weights has its own positive and negative effects. It keeps us focused, makes us stronger, and helps to lose weight. But there are many side effects of powerlifting.
Incorrect technique and posture during lifting can lead to pesky piles. So, one might wonder how can powerlifting cause piles? Let us explain.


Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in your rectum or anus, which lead to bleeding and discomfort. They are usually caused by straining movements, obesity, or pregnancy. External hemorrhoids can lead to bleeding as well as pain and itching.


1. Profuse bleeding during bowel movements
2. Itching in the anus region
3. Pain in the anus region
4. Sensitive lumps


Sounds weird, but it’s very common for powerlifters to experience this disease. Powerlifting involves your muscles pulling and straining. However, it isn’t the cause- poor technique is. Holding your breath while you pick those weights, puts a lot of pressure on internal organs and rectum.This lack of proper breathing while lifting heavy objects causes strains in our abdomen. As a result, it leads to swelling of veins in the anus region, causing hemorrhoids.

Its always advised to check your posture and breathing techniques. In short, always perform weightlifting under expert supervision.


A clear NO! Weightlifting while suffering from hemorrhoids can lead to chronic hemorrhoids. You should completely stop doing any physical activity that can cause strain. Instead, you can try walking, stretching, and yoga (with precautions) in order to stay fit. Moreover, Yoga can even relieve some of the symptoms.


yoga for hemorrhoids

1. Stop weight lifting. As soon as you discover the symptoms of piles, stop any kind of strain. This will worsen your situation and lead to unbearable pain and bleeding. However in some situations, you might have to get them operated on.

2. Sit in a tub of warm water. Luke warm water in a tub and sit on the tub. Remember no to put much pressure on your rectum or abdomen. The lukewarm water will reduce inflammation and give relief.

3. Ice pack. People not comfortable with warm water can also try putting an ice pack on the inflamed region. Wrap a towel on the ice pack and carefully sit on it for 20-25 minutes. This will again relieve you and reduce inflammation.

4. Consult a doctor. Hemorrhoids can be majorly treated at home. But in case the bleeding and itching don’t stop, it is better to consult a doctor or a colorectal specialist who might provide you with proper guidance and measures.

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Will Powerlifting Destroy your body?


What is Powerlifting? 

Powerlifting is when athletes compete to lift as much weight as possible for 1 rep. It is determined by the deadlift, squat, and bench press. Powerlifters are ranked based on their body weight and age. Each athlete gets 3 chances to reach their maximum weight. This sport tests the maximum strength of the athletes, in fact, it is also known as the strongest sport in the world. 

Can Powerlifting cause damage? 

Julian McKerrow: How to become a powerlifting pro

Yes, naturally, pushing beyond a certain point can cause serious damage. It can lead to broken bones, dislocations, muscle tears, etc. This can be the result of too much pressure on the body due to the extent of weight lifted. 

The lifters can experience chronic back issues if the muscles are tired out or lack strength. Bent over rows is an exercise done with dumbbells used to build back muscles. If done incorrectly can cause serious spinal damage. 

Before embarking on any strenuous activity, always consult a professional. The fact of the matter is that powerlifting will not destroy your body, you will. More often than not, injuries arise from the negligence of the athlete and not the sport. In addition, in a solo sport like powerlifting no one can hurt you but you. Studies even show that this sport has a smaller history in cause of injury.  

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Powerlifting is a very demanding sport. Therefore, training and competing need to be done with the knowledge of the demands it makes. It most definitely will put pressure on the body and lack of proper care can cause serious problems. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that powerlifting as a sport is destroying your body. While powerlifting does not look for quick fixes, rather works on perfecting form with practice. 

Injuries from powerlifting are common, but that is mainly from the day-to-day practice rather than the competition itself. Backed with science, the principles of strength training will act in the better development of muscle, bones, and tissues of the person.

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Attractive Physique: – What does it look like?


Your first impression is your last impression” There is no wonder why they say this often. Physique and appearance introduce you even before you speak. So, one may ask, “what does an attractive physique look like?”

The definition of attractiveness differs from one person to another. One may find a body attractive while others find it not a wonder. It also differs in respect to genders. But there are certain parameters and qualities which make a body distinguished.

1. Health

Be it any gender, a healthy lean body always makes you stand apart, also making an attractive physique. A healthy body means a body that has a normal BMI (24.9).

[ BMI = Weight (kg) /Height*Height (m) ]


A normal BMI that there is no extra fat concentration in your body. An obese person, with a higher BMI, is at risk of more diseases. Similarly, an underweight person, with a lower BMI, has a risk of running into severe diseases.

2. Proportions

An ideal waist to hip ratio of 0.81-0.85 (in women) and 0.96-1.0 (in men) is considered attractive. Higher ratios aren’t preferred, both health and appearance-wise.

waist ratio

A study showed that women preferred stronger and wider shoulders. It was also observed that women preferred taller, leaner, and stronger men. The major takeaway from the study was it emphasized that height, weight, and proportions played an important role in deciding attractiveness.

Similarly, men found that women in hourglass shapes (low waist-hip ratio) were more attractive and eye-catching. Several men found a short torso and long legs more ideal. (Study)

3.Facial features

face structure

Facial features are considered an important part of deciding how one can engage. People with slim faces are considered ‘smart’ and look a little fit than chubby cheeks. Chubby cheeks have an image of being ‘cute’. Most people found high cheekbones, chiseled jawlines, and longer brows more attractive in women. Whereas men having beards and strong jaws were considered attractive.

These are generic opinions of attractiveness. The opinion of looking attractive, as stated, changes from person to person. We can’t define any body as a perfect body, since all have their own flaws. However proper diet and exercise can bring you a healthy body.

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Judging Criteria Of Physique Competitions

Judging Criteria Of Physique Competitions

It is common that a diversity of competitions take place in the Olympics. Some of them are physique competitions. These are the ones that take place on the basis of body shape, size and related factors. They get judgement on the basis of several conditions. But, what is the judging criteria of physique competitions ?   

judging criteria of physique competitions

There are various categories that fall under physique competitions. For example, they are bodybuilding, figure, models and aerobics. They are judged on the basis of various conditions. For instance, muscularity, figure, shape, balance, etc. fall under the category. So, let’s get into the judging criteria of physique competitions in detail.  

What Is The Judging Criteria Of Physique Competitions ?

The contestants are judged on the basis of a variety of factors. Some of them are as follows:

  • Shape of the body is an important feature of the competition. They see the overall structure. Consequently, they earn points. 
  • Muscle mass is the amount of muscles that is visible from outside of the participant.
  • Symmetry is important because it gives a perfect shape to the body.
  • Stability and balance is a necessity. Also, a perfect proportion of the upper and lower body is crucial to win the competition.
  • Presentation skills are clearly a sign of a confident person. The way you enter and present yourself is all it takes to win.
  • Presence of mind is a must. In addition to that, the way you cover the stage is essential.

Criteria For Different Categories

Bodybuilders have 3 rounds, where they are judged. The first round is an individual free posing routine. The second round is of symmetry. Finally, the third round consists of the compulsory posing.

Models have 2 rounds of judgement. The first round is of an individual stage walking. This is where the confidence of the model is judged. At last, the second round passes judgement based on a group stage walk

Bikini model judgements are purely based on shape, size and proportion. There is a common rule for the models. It says that there should be minute definition through the back, abs and shoulders. The stage attire of the model is usually a two- piece bikini.

Beach model is generally receive judgement on the basis of muscle mass and proportion. They should have a full defined chest, arms and abs. Their stage attire is board shorts.

For Aerobics, the only criterion is their routine. In addition to that, there is no specific clothing style for them. Also, the competitors need to perform their routine. As a result, the best routine gets the prize.


What Physique Is Achievable Naturally?


Natural bodybuilding or natural training refers to when people train and build muscles without any performance-enhancing drugs. This can conclude with hormone growth hormones, steroids, diuretics, etc. Attaining an exceptional natural physique can be done within a few years. This however depends on your body at the start, your genetics as well as several other factors. Following a strict diet and an advanced workout routine is crucial.

How to Gain Muscle Quickly and Naturally (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Sometimes the media can be misleading. The jacked and ripped figures are the result of years of consistent training and sacrifice. Additionally, the type of physique naturally attainable can be less muscular and smaller. Also despite the diet and training, there is a limit to how much muscle we can gain naturally. 

Physique determining factors

According to research, there are two physical aspects that determine building muscle :

  1. Muscle Structue
  2. Bone Structure

There is proof about how those with larger bone structures tend to have more muscle than those who are on the smaller side. Higher bone structure individuals may also have higher testosterone levels thereby getting a better response from training. Researchers also suspect that this may be a major cause as to why the ‘bone size’ is the limiting factor in natural bone development. Some study even shows how there is a method of calculating the ratio of muscle growth according to how much bone you have.

5 tips for women to gain muscle at home

Additionally, studies show that there are many research-backed methods in order to approximate how much muscle we can build. But I wouldn’t put too much on these as they just give us an estimate.

It is hard to come to a solid conclusion as there are too many variables to be factored in. However, you can end up surprising yourself with how much you can peak your muscularity.

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