Modeling is now being considered one of the most elite and difficult professions in the fashion industry. It has become an essential part of the global culture and offering immense respect to the models. The hardships of a model cannot be defined as such, it takes a lot of mental courage and physical requirements to walk the ramp and look gorgeous. One cannot put in
words the mental pressures of a model, however, it is possible to look into the physical requirements one needs to possess for an ideal body like a model.

With the growing business, a lot of variants of body type of a model are now emerging ranging from the classic to plus size models. Various categories require different body types including weight, height, and BMI. These factors also tend to vary with models as per different types of modeling like a catalog, ramp, commercials, and so on. Additionally, the requirements of an ideal body also differ
based on gender. It is very obvious that male and female models have different physiques and come under different categories of body type of a model.

A healthy weight can be determined by calculating the Body Mass Index of a person. BMI can be calculated by dividing the weight (in kgs) by height (in cms), and an approximate of 18.5 to 24.9 can be categorized under an ideal body fat or BMI. Below and above that range one is considered as underweight and overweight or obese. Anyone looking to carve their weight into the modeling industry is supposed to maintain their weight as per the company requirements. Along with weight, another important factor influencing the ideal body is height. A typical female model is expected to range anywhere from 5’9” to 5’10” however,
the height requirement of a male model is slightly more ranging from 6’0” to 6’2”. Nevertheless, the height and weight of a model a co-dependent factors. Any deviation from the ideal required prerequisites leads to an alteration in other factors. Plus-size models can be regarded as an exception to these norms, however, they also do not have absolute freedom. They are still expected to maintain themselves and make sure they look as glamorous as they should. As the years are passing by, the stereotype of an ideal body type is vanishing slowly. Therefore, one can expect the fashion industry also loosen some strings and embrace all body types of the people wanting to enter the industry. Moreover, even if a person is not looking for a size 0 figure, it is still important that he should consider maintaining good health by keeping a regular check on his weight or BMI.


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