Calisthenics is derived from the Greek words “kalos” and “stenos” meaning beauty and strength respectively. Basically, calisthenics was a form of gymnastics that focused on developing beauty and strength simultaneously in school children, however, it later got recognized as an effective training method. Calisthenics proved to be more than just strength; yes, it is certainly also capable of muscle building to some extent. It happens gradually as the person manages to produce a surrounding that is beneficial for the muscle hypertrophy during his training.

Although the term is often associated with weight training, muscle hypertrophy, in general, means the growth of muscle cells as a result of physical exercises. To ensure hypertrophy with calisthenics, one needs to ensure there are enough tension and force for your body to do resistance training. Significant resistance training ensures muscle building; however, it is not necessary to use any sort of weights or gym equipment to do so. In calisthenics, a person uses his body weight to resistance train and gain muscle. Each bodyweight movement in calisthenics causes a kinetic chain interaction causing stimulation in each body part, unlike targeted body parts during weight training.

However, anyone needs to start calisthenics from the very basic. The three most basic yet essential movements of calisthenics for muscle building are push-ups, pull-ups, and squats. A beginner is often advised to start with simple exercises like inclined press-ups leading to regular press-ups which require more body control and form. Further, you can proceed to perform dips, making sure that your whole body is involved during the exercise. Later, you can move onto the essential movements and challenge yourself with increasing their number of reps and work harder on gaining muscles. Once you adapt to low resistance training, you can gradually increase the resistance to get the most out of calisthenics. If a person is primarily looking to build muscle, the body-structured exercises listed above are the most beneficial. One can vary these using different permutations and combinations and reps to fatigue. If you can keep up with your designed calisthenics program, while simultaneously maintaining your diet and sleep, you can easily see the improvements in your muscle mass and strength in a few months.

Calisthenics requires time and patience, as one relies on his body weight itself rather than gym weights. When you tend to use yourself to resistance train and weightlift, exercising becomes more fun with productive results as well. Enjoy the process and you will soon reach your goal.


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