Bulking or cutting: what should I do first in bodybuilding?


We are well aware that cutting requires a calorie deficit diet, whereas bulking requires a caloric surplus diet. Setting up enough macros following the applicable goal is, however, important for any optimal diet. Protein, on the other hand, is still king, regardless of your aim (except in the ketogenic diet).

The most important things to remember while starting a cutting phase are to avoid all kinds of crash diets/detox drinks and, of course, overdoing cardio.

It’s critical to remember that the purpose of bulking is to gain muscle mass rather than fat mass. There will undoubtedly be some fat gain during the bulking period, but if the fat gain ratio is 3:1, where 3 is fat, you should examine your macro breakdown.

Factors to consider while deciding whether to start bulking or cutting

  • BMR is the primary factor that one has to keep in mind before choosing between the two phases.
  •  BMR is the number of calories that your body needs at rest for its vital functions.
  •  The higher the BMR, the better will be the body’s ability to burn fat and absorb nutrients.
  •   If a person has good muscle mass, chances are that he will have a good BMR.
  • In case, a person has negligible muscle mass, I will always suggest bulking up first to pack on decent muscle mass.
  • However, understand the fact that it is a slow process and it will take you some time to get muscular.
  • Moreover, the muscle gaining process also accelerates the BMR which is again the key element for any transformation.
  • Now, a lot of you might not realize this but the fact is that you are under-eating.
  • While over-eating leads to obesity, undereating leads the body to hold fat in obese subjects.
  • That’s why drastically cutting calories while on a cut can prove to be counterproductive.
  • Reduce calories slowly while losing weight and increase calories slowly while on a bulk.


Get on a cut if you’re chubby and have a lot of muscle mass. Starting with a cut is good for slender chubby people. Remember, when We say “cut,” We mean “gain muscle while shedding fat.” If you’re fat with little muscle mass and a sluggish appetite, start with maintenance calories. Bulking up on its own isn’t for you.


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