Calisthenics Athletes on Instagram

Calisthenics is an exercise that depends upon your body weight. And depending on the
person’s body weight, flexibility, capability, etc. the intense workout performed.
Calisthenics exercises are now in every field like athletics, bodybuilders, military training, law
enforcement officers.
Calisthenics Athletes?
Calisthenics Athletes are those people who are trained in calisthenics.
Calisthenics on Instagram
1. Osvaldo Lugones – With 332k followers on Instagram “@osvaldo_lugones” Osvaldo
Lugones is fabulous with is calisthenics. His every post will make your mind blow. His
balancing and control over his body are very impressive. His caption with his every
post will inspire you here and there.
2. Daniels Laizans – He is freestyle Calisthenics World Champion 2019 and seven times
national champion. 328k followers with @daniels_laizans user name on Instagram.
His energy level is on another level, The twist turns and, rolls of his body are
goosebumps. His fashion sense is equally as amazing as his calisthenics.
3. Eryc Ortiz – User name is @eryc_ortiz. 253k followers and gravity don’t work for this
person. He has extreme power to play with his body weight and earth’s gravity.
4. Simonster aka Simon Ata – @simonsterstrenght on Instagram hold 514k followers.
His strength is unbelievable. The synergic with his legs and hands and the whole
body is very smooth. The finishing and end of every calisthenics is the most
satisfying thing.
5. Austin Dunham – A guide book of his name 5 rules for getting Super Human
Strenght. Find him with the search for @austin_dunham. The inspiration for 249k
the follower is an owner of great muscle strength. And his transformation will make sure
to never gave up. He is an inspirational person.
6. Fraser Wilson – 1.5M followers king has a user name @fraserwilsonfit, his posts and
stories on Instagram will explore your overhead knowledge regarding fitness and all.
Like food supplements, keeping yourself motivated. The nutrition guides and brain
foods he suggested. The influencer has great knowledge of his field.
7. Roye Goldschmidt – 335k followers and his command over his body muscles are
more than anything. He is a coach who can train anyone. @roye_gold is his
Instagram user name. The simple moves of his body can amaze anyone.

They are a few names who perform calisthenics so smoothly, but it takes years, and hard
work to gain such powers and maintaining them in the future. Calisthenics is something that
looks easy and beautiful but the ugly workouts and difficult days only make them so.

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