Can Anaerobic Exercise Burn Fat?

Anaerobic vs Aerobic 

Aerobic exercises refers to the kind of exercise that requires oxygen and can be sustained over a period of time. For example, things like riding, walking and running means you breathe faster, move your body and increase blood flow. The main difference between the two types of exercises are the oxygen levels required. 

Anaerobic exercise refers to the type of exercise that is high in intensity, higher power and burns a lot more calories. Anaerobic means ‘without oxygen’ therefore, it breaks down the glucose in the body without the help of oxygen. In other words, anaerobic exercises are more intense in a short period of time. It is a very common method of working out, combined with weight training can lead to effective results in your fitness journey. 

It’s commonly believed that low-intensity exercises are best for weight loss. However, while it requires a high percentage of fat for energy, the energy utilized and burned during aerobic exercises is much less in comparison with that of anaerobic exercises. Sometimes people opt out from anaerobic exercises because it is harder in nature. Furthermore signifying that doing such exercises like HIIT, weight training and sprints leads to an optimized workout. 

Therefore, we can conclude that both Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises have it’s benefits, however if your main goal is to shed fat, anaerobic exercises accelerate this process and is the way to go. 

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