Once King Akbar called his clever minister Birbal and said, “Birbal tell me something which
can make me happy when I am sad, and make me sad when I am happy.” Birbal gave are
you a serious look Akbar, Birbal stood there and thought for minutes and said, “Just remember
this line Ye waqth Bhi guzzar jaegha i.e. this time will also pass away.”
Just think of this line, this time will pass away, whenever you are sad or happy and feel the
This corona time is hard for people, some faced loss in business, some lose their loved
ones, some are suffering from anxiety and depression. The mental health problem should
not be taken lightly, it can force humans to harm themself. Just remember whenever you are
sad or unhappy, This time will pass away soon.
But passing time is not easy, what should we do while waiting for bad times to go away
1. Yoga and Meditation – This is a golden opportunity to make your body fit and healthy.
Yoga will provide mental strength. Spiritual energy and a happy mindset you will gain
as an incentive for doing yoga. Meditation will provide positive vibes to the body and
peace of mind.
2. Listen to songs – Songs are always melodious and helpful for passing time. Make a
playlist of your favorite song and listen to them, whenever you feel like to. Dance or
sing along no matter how bad you are in vocal or doing steps, the only thing that should
matter is your enjoyment.
3. Drink lots and lots of water – According to your height, weight calculates the amount
of water, you need on daily basis and tries to full fill the target of drinking a fixed liter
of water in a day.
4. Reads Book – Whatever you feel like romance, thrill, crime, managerial, spiritual any
kind of books you feel like reading, for motivating yourself and keeping the positive
vibes around you. Your knowledge will increase and the experience of other people
will be part of your life too.
5. Beauty – Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive, so spend some time with
yourself and pleasure your skins with herbal ingredients at home. You can apply
turmeric for a golden glow, Besan for removing dead cells from the skin, sugar for
scrubbing, etc.
6. Recreate your hobbies – Things you love doing singing, painting, dancing, writing
whatever makes your heart feel good, just do it. Give one or two hours daily for doing
something fun for you snd make you smile genuinely.
7. Friends and Family – Just don’t distance yourself from the, keep in contact, talk to
them, let them know how you are feeling, talk about your favorite topics and don’t
forget to laugh and make them laugh too, cause you never know what other people
are going through.


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