Can Citrulline Cause Heart Palpitation?

Heart palpitation is either skipping or adding the heartbeat. To understand what heart palpitation is, you need to remember the time when you were scared. When you get fear, suddenly your heartbeat either grows fast or almost drop.

When your heartbeat goes crazy, just after seeing your crush, your first love, or when your love of life gets fully dress up. The best feel of the heart palpitation is when you bury your hands in your pocket to find your phone and wallet and ended up finding your pocket is empty. Or your phone suddenly falls on the ground, at all those moments the way your heart reacts is exactly what happens with patients of heat palpitation every time.

The uneven beat of heat for a moment is fine, but happening every time is dangerous. But Heart Palpitation is more than just skipping or adding the beat. It can cause a person to faint.

Do you know what is Citrulline? Well, Citrulline is an amino acid and it is found in watermelon in rich quantity. Even the word ‘Crtrulline’ derives from the Latin word ‘Citrullus’ which means watermelon. Citrulline is not considered important, as our body is capable of producing citrulline on its own. Citrulline is vital for the body but as an amino acid still it won’t take part in building protein for the body. Citrulline is beneficial for your urea cycle, throwing harmful compounds from the body out. It is also effective in widening the blood vessels making blood flow more smoothly and also helps in building the muscles. As citrulline release, nitric oxide and one of the side effects of nitric oxide in heart palpitation. But the side effects are mild. If citrulline causing the heart palpitation, then it must be blood pressure that gets affected by citrulline. Heart Palpitation mainly occurs because of stress, anxiety, alcohol, etc. Citrulline might be the last reason causing heart palpitation. But chances are not less. The human body is a human body, you never know what can bring what affects the body. So careful while intaking any supplement. For the treatment for Hear Palpitation let your doctor be aware of all your last medical tests or medical history. Yoga and meditation are best for any kind of disease. Heart palpitation can easily be cured by some specified yoga. But exercise and high physical may trigger heart palpitations. Heart palpitation may not sound that harmful but it can also be a reason for heat stroke, but it can be beaten with the determination of getting well soon.

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