Do you know what is Citrulline? Well, Citrulline is an amino acid and it is found in
watermelon in rich quantity. Even the word ‘Crtrulline’ drive from the Latin word ‘Citrullus’
which means watermelon.
Citrulline is not considered important, as our body is capable of producing citrulline on its
own. Citrulline is vital for the body but as an amino acid still it won’t take part in building
protein for the body.
Citrulline is beneficial for your urea cycle, throwing harmful compounds from the body out. It
is also effective in widening the blood vessels making blood flow more smoothly and also
helps in building the muscles.
But does Citrulline is harmful in any sense? Yes, it is, a high dosage of Citrulline can bring
your kidney at sake.
The high dosage of Citrulline can decrease the mass of functional tissue in the kidney.
Citrulline is a nonessential amino acid and taking nonessential amino acids is definitely
harmful to the body. Citrulline tends to increase the nitric oxide levels and expand the vessel
of the vessels, lowering the blood vessels, and therefore low blood pressure, people
shouldn’t take it without the concern of doctors.
Citrulline amino acids are capable of increasing the creatine level in the body to a risky level
or dangerous point.
The extra dosage also creates huge problems with the intestine.
But all these Citrullines can be harmful to the body if taken at high and extra doses.
Otherwise, Citrulline is way more effective than harmful. Even Citrulline has not had any side
Citrulline can increase oxygen in muscle tissue.
Citrulline in the body is essential as well as non-essential. But the extra dosage of Citrulline is
harmful, not only for kidneys but also for the body. It won’t affect the body directly but the
compound which is released might do.
Note – At the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding Citrulline is not advised for women to
If you are not an athlete or bodybuilder or someone who do heavy workouts then Citrulline
supplement or consuming extra citrulline is of no use, while athletes and bodybuilders take

supplement but the dosage is not too high. The dosage depends upon the workouts they
do and weight they have and their gaol with their body.
Citrulline some extra MB you get while recharging the phone or getting a Talktime or making a
balance. You purposely won’t want that 250 MB, but the recharge of 40 rupees gave you
that benefit. You can use it at the time of emergency, but MB is limited and If you exceed the
limits then it will eat your leftover balance making the phone balance zero. Similarly, Citrulline
is that 250 MB. Enjoy it in time of emergency but the extra exceed of it can bring zero
results and harm your kidneys and bodies.


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