Can Genetics Affect Muscle Growth ?

Genetics are the traits that we acquire from our previous generations. These characteristics pass on for generations to generations. And we all know the concept of muscle growth and the intense struggle behind building it. But the real question is, can genetics affect muscle growth ? And, is having good genes alone enough for bodybuilding ? This article would try to cover all sorts of possible explanations to answer your queries regarding genetics and muscle growth.

Genetics play a crucial part in our body. Infact, our body is made up of genes. Gene is the structural unit of heredity. Moreover, it codes for proteins. Then, these proteins are released for certain activities. Thus, they are responsible for every feature of the body. 

Can Genetics Affect Muscle Growth ?

It is true that genes affect every character of humanity. But, can genetics affect muscle growth ? Well, the answer is a big yes. If every specification is made up of it, then why not muscle and it’s growth ? Our muscles have two basic types of protein- actin and myosin. Actin has a great role to play in muscle building.

A certain gene is present for muscle growth and development. This gene is ACTN3. It codes for a particular protein for muscular gain, called Actinin-3. Hence, this gene is the powerhouse of muscle strength and power. If you have this in your genes, then you are very lucky. However, if you don’t have it, then you have to work more than usual.

What If You Don’t Have Good Genetics ?

Now that we have known of genetics affecting muscle growth, what next ? What if you don’t have the required gene for muscle building ? I know that this question might be popping in your mind constantly. Then, it may seem impossible to build muscle, but this is not how it works. Also, there are many ways to trigger the protein quantities within the body to make it happen. 

Can Genetics Affect Muscle Growth

If you fall under the category of low actinin-3 protein, then you need to make one thing very clear. You have to go for immense training and cross hurdles to reach your destination. Also, you should take protein supplements and healthy carbs and fats in good quantities. There are some best supplements available in the market for good muscle growth. Also, regular exercise is a must. Therefore, all things are necessary to produce a good amount of actinin-3 in the body for good muscular growth.


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