Can Glutes Cause Back Pain?

The muscles in your back and posterior are amazing. Gluteus muscles are referred to as the powerhouse of the back. Additionally, help the body remain upright and enable us to do pretty much any major movements. The nickname ‘glutes’ is given to three sets of gluteal muscles, they are Gluteus Minimus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Maximus. Strong muscles always help the body thrive and function better. Back pain can arise from one muscle being weaker than the other.

These muscles run from the pelves and into the femur. Anything from walking to jumping includes these muscles. Study shows how tight glutes cause as much difficulty as weak ones. So whether you are seated for hours or end or overtraining, it can cause tightness and pain in the lower back area. 

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Consequently, the pain stays that way if not addressed properly. In the case of tight glutes, mostly all back pain problems arise from tightness in one of these gluteal muscles. Furthermore, releasing one of them causes an immense amount of relief. A way to access the point of pain is by placing a ball against the wall and leaning on it. This helps discover the taut muscles.

On the other hand, weak glutes cause pain too. This is commonly found in people who sit for long periods of time or those with chronic illnesses. Then a strength training program needs to be adopted by the individual. Studies also consider that since nothing operates by itself, professionals have been studying the area of pain and not just the origin point of it. The idea behind glute weakness rose from such a thought.

Conclusion :

Yes, the glutes can cause back pain. However, keep in mind that muscle weakness is not the only cause of back pain. There are various reasons that can influence back pain. When needed we need to focus on not just the glutes but the surrounding area that may be putting additional pressure on the back. Other environmental and social factors too can aggravate back pain. The best possible solution is to move your body frequently and encourage fitness more often.

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