What is muscle atrophy?
In simple language, muscle atrophy is the wastage of muscle tissue from the body.
The reasons for muscle atrophy can be –
1. Malnutrition – When your body doesn’t get the required nutrition and fails to produce
hormones that are vital for muscle growth automatically leads to muscle wastage or
tissue damage.
2. Medication – A side effect of any medication can also let the muscle atrophy to knock
in your life and then to knock out. Therefore the doctor’s perception is important.
3. Wide range of injuries or Disease – Any dreadful injuries or sudden come of any
the disease also does the same efforts to harm your muscle tissue and make you weak.
Like Covid-19 recovered people might be suffering from muscle atrophy.
But the great news is that it is beatable, atrophy can be defeated with the advance, smart,
and hard work strategy.
Note – Genetic and age muscle atrophy might have to do extra efforts cause of the reason
for its origin.

1. Physical exercise – Workouts, cardio, outdoor games, etc will make your body
regenerate the lost hormones that build muscles and your body again start to make a
2. Therapy – A set pack of exercise for muscle atrophy patients. The kind of therapy
helps the body to cover slowly – slowly without any extra overwork, cause sudden
intense workout possible harm the body more.
3. Surgery – This option is mostly adopted for muscle atrophy caused by age or genetic
and sometimes the cause of malnutrition is counted too.
4. Diet planner and medicine – Huge change meant are done in the diet, Junk foods are
totally banned, the supplement of protein. Omega-3, calcium, and various nutrition are
joined in your diet.
5. Combination – Sometimes people have to go with the combination of all four to get
better results and expose to less hazardous diseases.


Muscle’s atrophy is reversible but that doesn’t mean it is not dangerous and can not attack easily.
Office workers who do seating jobs, a lady with mild or wild back pain in her early 30s can
also be a victim of muscle atrophy. It makes people face dead like condition in their life, like
paralysis condition.

Keep your body active daily and give attention to your diet for avoiding muscle atrophy.


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