Can reducing salt lead to weight loss?

Losing weight is a common goal for many of us. It is a tedious task and often requires a strict workout. But what if we told you that there are certain tricks to accelerate your weight loss journey?
Yes. Controlling your food habits can help you to shred few pounds. However, if you have gained a significant amount, you can combine them with the workout. One such method is to contain your salt intake.

Salt: The basic


This white salty powder is the fundamental ingredient of all cuisines and food recipes. It gives the basic flavor to all dishes. No doubt salt has potential benefits to your body including balancing fluids, nerve and muscle function.

However, modern-day recipes have excessive salt and sugar content in them. A pinch of extra salt can have an immense effect on your body. An average American consumes approx. 3,400 milligrams every day. Far more than the recommended value by American Heart Association (1500 – 2300 mg).

How can salt help you lose weight?

Water retention is the capacity of the body to hold water. Excessive water makes us heavy, and the weight is called water weight.
Water weight isn’t something harmful, but a significant amount that stays for few days. But it also causes bloating, which leads to the formation of gases in the body.
So, salt has a better absorbing quality that makes it hold water longer in the body. Thus, it causes an increase in weight (water weight). Therefore, cutting down unnecessary sodium intake can help you lose weight.
But these changes are temporary and need to be followed cautiously in order to avoid any kind of health issues. Limiting sodium intake can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes and low levels of potassium.

Take away

Cutting down on extra salt can lead to weight, or water weight, temporarily. But carrying this practice can cause you a lot of other side effects. It is better to devise a diet plan with appropriate salt intake so that you don’t over-consume and bloat.


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