Can Water Retention Cause Weight Gain?

‘Edema’ the word used for water retention in the body. Our body is a build-up of 60% water (approx) it is an essential element for living organisms to survive. But when the body starts retaining the excess amount of water in the body is term as water retention or edema.

Water retention does increase your weight, but that weight is not the actual weight of the body. It is just like your school bag whose weight is in grams but the books we settle in our school bag increase the weight of the bag.

Bag = Body
Books = Weight

Books as per the requirement of daily classes great, but taking extra books for no reason will only make your bag heavy, just like your body gets heavy.

Edema or water retention swells your body by getting stored in the tissue of the body. The first thing a person can notice of edema or water retention is swollen up the ankle and a sudden increase in weight in a very short period.

The gain of weight by edema or water retention can be in two way first when the whole body get swoll and second when a particular area gets swoll up.

Water retention in the body can occur because of various reasons such as :-

  1. A sudden increase in blood pressure in veins and pressuring the capillaries, hence making irregular changes in blood vessels. This also causes water retention or edema.
  2. Sometimes the body lacking in protein and amnesia or a high dosage of vitamin supplements.
  3. When the body organ doesn’t tend to work correctly can cause water retention or edema. The organ fails to eliminate the water resulting in water retention.
  4. Women may experience water retention cause of the mensurational cycle in the luteal phase or at the time of pregnancy.
  5. The weight increase in the body’s cause of water retention is not your actual weight but still a part of your weight.

The good news is that this weight is not permanent and can be cured in a short time. It is usually not that harmful but retention of water in organs is. Either the body needs to utilize that liquid or throw it out from the body. But the retention of water in the body doesn’t mean one should intake less water, keeping the body is hydrated is important.

T.aking extra books don’t mean removing the books from the scheduled lectures. Water retention or edema adds up your weight, but the weight is fake. The water retention weight is just a phase of time when your body is a little bit sick.

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