Can you be a strongman without steroids?

What are Steroids? 

What are the Penalties for Steroids in NSW?

Steroids are man-made versions of hormones that are naturally present in our bodies. Athletes and bodybuilders take different types of steroids called Corticosteroids. They promote protein synthesis in the muscle and reduce muscle breakdown.

This enables the consumer to train with more intensity and volume. Athletes can go hard on their workouts with very few breaks in between. This obviously helps them get closer to their goals in comparison with somebody going the organic way.

Do they really require Steroids? 

As humans, we have pre-existing deeply wired mechanisms that are used for self-defense. One among them is possessing the ability to rationalize. We also tend to believe something else, to not truly understand our harsh reality.  

The same applies to the world of muscle, people like to believe that anabolic drugs are just the icing on the cake. The person with their natural bodybuilding strategies will be a champion no matter what. 

This can be contradictory. Some athletes spend significant amounts on steroids and hormones, not as a ‘decorative prop’. The fact of the matter is that there is only so much chicken breast, working out and genetics can do to your body. Without steroids, these athletes’ bodies would be significantly smaller, weaker, and perhaps even chubbier. 

Can I grow muscles without it?

Yes, you absolutely can. Following close attention to their workout regimen, what and how much they eat as well as the kind of supplements they take. However, steroid users will grow without any training.

What it actually does?

  1. Enhance muscle growth
  2. Can increase muscles without putting on too much weight
  3. Muscle grow even without training

Take away

Yes, you can build naturally. However, the process of getting there is extremely different from that of those who use steroids. A strongman at the competitive levels needs to be steroid in order to have any chance at staying through the competition. Additionally, if the claims of steroids being unimportant are true – why would athletes risk their lives for it? It has proven to be very effective and has been in existence at the highest level of competition.

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