Can you build lean muscle and lose fat?

Lean your muscles and losing fat together is termed as body recomposition. And it is definitely not easy to cause lean or toning your muscles require calories to burn while muscles gaining requires intaking the calories for burning and generating energy in the body. 

But the answer to ‘Can’ is yes. Cause the term Body recomposition is brought for this only. Burning fat and gaining muscles at the same time. 

Lean muscles are muscles is the total weight of your body and minus all fat weight.

Building lean muscle and lose weight at the same time not only require hard work but also smart work. You have to keep your surveillance on your diet and your workout. 

Now, when we talk about lose fat, we only talk about losing weight, not body weight. We focus on destroying extra fat in the body without the intense of doing anything to body weight. 

And indeed it is a time taking process, the patient requires to witness the desired results. 

The first thing you need to do is removing the traditional practice of using low calories food for losing weight and doing lots and lots of exercises it won’t help.

You are required to perform the cardiovascular exercise for losing the fats which are stored in tissue and different part of the body making your body heavy for no reason.

With cardiovascular exercise, weight training for building muscles should be added. Decrease the consumption of calories for avoiding fat consumption but increase the consumption of protein.  

Two essential things you are doing is first losing fat and the other is gaining muscles. 

For losing weight it is a must to remove calories from the body, but extra stored in tissue and muscles which is of no use and hence throwing them out with cardio and aerobic and also by choosing a special diet. 

Second for gaining muscles are gym training, workouts, and intake of protein is a must. For maintaining the energy protein is a must. 

Prepare the weekly chart for your exercise and diet 52 weeks 52 charts for your body. 

Lean your body and losing body fat is together is possible, only you need to do smart work and follow up the diet wisely and strictly. 

NOTE – Losing weight and losing fat are two different things and losing two things is done by a different method.

Before performing body recomposition concern your physician whether your body is eligible for performing the high-intensity workouts and focus or not.

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