Carbohydrate Backloading- Working, Features And Benefits

Since many years, there have been many diet plans. Every plan aims to achieve something or the other. But every diet wants one important thing- to have a healthy body. In this article, we are going to discuss one such diet. This concerned diet plan is none other than carbohydrate backloading.

Also called as Carbohydrate Backloading, it is a unique diet plan. By the name itself, it is clear that “carbs are loaded afterwards”. Sounds funny, but this is the case. It is partially similar to Atkins and Keto diet plans. Moreover, consumption of carbohydrates is on the later part of the day. To know more about this, let’s move further.

carbohydrate backloading

How Does Carbohydrate Backloading Work ? 

Carb backloading is the process in which carbs are eaten in the other part of the day. This other part is after the sunset. Clearly, one has to restrict their carbs in the daytime. After sunset, they can fulfil the carb deficiency created. There is a scientific reason behind this meal prep.

Many studies have shown that this can actually reduce fat. Also, it supports gain of lean muscle mass. Furthermore, an experiment concludes that people who eat larger meals in the evening than in the morning tend to reduce fat faster than the latter. In addition to that, a study was conducted with some police officers. The study showed that ones who followed this plan were able to lose weight faster than others.

Features Of Carbohydrate Backloading

Following are the characteristics of this diet plan.

  • It is a plan in which high calorie food consumption is for evenings.
  • Prefer a light meal with low calorie count in the morning and afternoon.
  • Try not to skip exercise in the evening. This is because it is an important time when you should have carbs. 
  • This works on the principle that when you have carbs in the evening, the body utilizes carbs completely and doesn’t let it get converted into fats.
  • It is preferred to have simple carbs instead of complex ones. But there is no such restriction. You can have some such as whole grains, pasta and others of your choice.

Benefits Of Carb Backloading 

Let’s have a look at how this plan benefits our body.

  • It improves the overall functioning of the body. 
  • There is a prime reason behind carb loading. It is that this limits insulin release from pancreas. 
  • It prevents fat deposition. 
  • Carb backloading is helpful for people who are suffering from Diabetes. 
  • It promotes body repair, thus ensures proper functioning.


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