“So, here note down this, sin/cos = Tan and cos/sin = Cot”, And you there what!!! Well many of us would have the same expression if they suddenly start reading cardio and weight, you might know what trigonometry is, a rough idea, but not everyone. And you can also be one of them who neither knows trigonometry and Cardio + Weight is not equal to Weight + Cardio. You all know what weight means, WEIGHTLIFTING’s nickname. But might be possible you all are not aware of what cardio is. Cardio is any kind of exercise which increases your heartbeat (looking your first love or crush is not Cardio) Cardio’s list are running, cycling, rope skipping, swimming and etc.
The question is “why cardio after weight?” and the answer is “Why hand wash after meal”
There are many reasons but eventually comes to a single end or reason and i.e strength.
But still, figure out the reasons –
● Feel Freshness – Doesn’t sound like ‘Huh!!’, like how someone can feel fresh after exhausting. Well, this is how your body reacts. After lifting a weight then doing cardio will make you feel like a weight left from your body.
● Heartbeat – What will happen when you are running and running and suddenly try to stop, you will be lying on the ground. When you do weightlifting the heartbeat speed is at peak and in order to slow down and then apply break cardio after the weight is important.
● Strength Gain – An expensive reason to cardio after weight. If your mission and vision are to gain strength perform cardio after weightlifting. It helps the muscles to come out of their comfort zone and face the daily hardship to become even stronger.
● Muscle Repairing – It helps in EPOC, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Covering back the amount of oxygen required to face the normality. And the oxygen here helps in repairing the muscles.
● Constant bodyweight – Cardio after weight lifting doesn’t bring Changement in your body weight. Neither gain nor loss. If you don’t want to lose your body weight, so prefer cardio after weight.


Washing hands before and after meals is equally important, similarly cardio after and before weight is important. It depends upon the result you are looking for. If it is for weight loss then cardio before weight lifting and if it is strength gaining then weight before cardio.
Note – It doesn’t mean you perform cardio than weight and then cardio. Kindly exhaust
yourself according to the body you are owning and considering a trainee will be the best.
But do wash your hands both time and since it is corona time bring your hands in more
contact with soap and sanitizer


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