Cardiovascular workout is a popular fitness regime among peers nowadays. Cardio is a form of aerobic exercise, during which the large muscles of your body like legs, hips workout and cause an elevation in heart and breathing rate. A significant amount of cardio routine increases your cardiovascular endurance, which is defined as the amount of oxygen dissolved in the blood and therefore pumped by the heart to the active muscles of the body. Thus, cardio sessions result in a stronger cardiovascular system and boost the overall strength of the body. Cardio workouts can include moderate and light exercises like running, jogging, or riding a bike. However, it can be made more fun and home-friendly without any major gym equipment.

Resistance bands are simple exercise bands that work on strengthening and stretching the muscles using resistance techniques. They are often used to work out the upper and lower body like legs, shoulder, biceps, and chest. They provide the best alternatives to gym equipment to exercise at home without much trouble. Resistance bands can also be paired with basic cardio exercises to improve the outcome by sweating more. Here’s a list of a few exercises that can be paired with resistance bands in routine cardio.

Jumping jack is a basic warm-up exercise that tends to improve metabolism and blood circulation. A simple exercise like jumping jack can be notched up a bit by inculcating resistance bands in it. The addition of the bands increases the muscle activation around the hips, thus leveling up this warm-up exercise.

The squat is an exercise that works on your leg strength and are can be included in your cardio exercises to boost your heart rates. Squats work on the thighs, glutes, and buttocks, when paired with resistance bands the opposing force countered by the leg makes it challenging thereby elevating your breathing rate as well.

Knee-ups are a great cardio exercise that can work on hips and quads. Such hard-core exercises when combined with resistance challenges the body to function more heavily resulting in an intense workout and thereby increasing your heart rate more than regular cardio knee-ups.

While resistance training might notch up your regular fitness training, it also elevates the chances of injuries and tiredness. Therefore, if you plan on introducing a resistance band to your cardio training, make sure you get enough rest and do not tend to overdo it. Resistance bands are not recommended to be used every day as few 30 minutes for only 2-3 days a week will also work miracles for you.


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