Category: Athletes

How To Maintain A Good Immune System In Athletes

It is about how to maintain a good immune system in athletes.

Why Recovery Is Important After Workout ?

It is about the importance of post workout recovery.

Hypertrophy Training For Olympic Weightlifting

It is about the heterotrophy training method for olympic weightlifting.

How To Train Like A Strongman

It is about who a strongman is and how can one train be be a strongman.

What Diuretics Do Bodybuilders Use ?

It is about the diuretics that bodybuilders use.

5 Secrets About How To Become A Sponsored Athlete

It is about the 5 steps for becoming a sponsored athlete.

Effects Of Covid-19 On Athletes

The pandemic and it's psychological and physiological effects on Athletes.

How does IFBB Pro Scoring works?

All the young bodybuilders who start bodybuilding aspire to participate in the world’s biggest competitions. When you start exploring the world of competition you come across various federations like NPC, IFBB, WBFF,...

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