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Top 5 Running Shoes on Amazon for your everyday run

Running is an important part of everyday cardio. Many of u either go to the park or hit the treadmills for a good running session. One of the most important items in...

5 Wearables You Need For Your Fitness Goals

It is about wearables you need for your fitness goals.

Body Type To Be A Model

Modeling is now being considered one of the most elite and difficult professions in the fashion industry. It has become an essential part of the global culture and offering immense respect to...

Why Wear Gym Leggings?

With the gyms reopening now, the gym hitters are subconsciously thinking of their gym outfits. From matching clothes to shoes, gym wear has now become more of a fashion statement. However, it...

When To Wear Gym Belt

The trend of weightlifting belts or gym belts started from the Olympics when the weightlifters wore them around their waist while lifting weights. However, recently regular gym trainers and weightlifters have started...

How Wrist band support in weight lifting?

How wrist band support in weight lifting? But, what is a wrist band? You could have seen players, athletes wearing fluffy looking like something, matching to their jerseys. Covering their wrist with a band.  The...

Gym wear for women wear

Clothes are the biggest problem for girls, every morning waking up with the same problem, "I have nothing to wear today" even though there are hundreds of dresses in Almira are untouched....

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