Cause of Chest Fat and Target exercises

Chest fat is when there is an increase in the size of your upper body in comparison with that of your lower body.  It is most often visible in men, they may be addressed as “man boobs” causing serious body image issues. The presence of testosterone in men usually prevents the growth of chest tissue from expanding. However. In some cases, certain fluctuations in hormone production can lead to enlarged breasts. It can also be caused by various other reasons like medications, medical conditions, etc. 

Over 340 million children and adolescents aged 5-19 were overweight or obese in 2016. Obesity is a very dangerous and costly disease. The less active you are, the higher the chances of being inflicted with sickness. Obesity and being overweight coexist with a sedentary lifestyle. Consequently resulting in excess body fat percentage. Therefore, leading an active or relatively active lifestyle is extremely important. Instead of taking the car or bus, walk to your grocery store or to work. 

A few exercises that help target Chest Fat are as follows : 

  1. The classic Push up – The pushup targets the chest muscles and  increases core and arm strength. It focuses on the triceps, shoulders and pectoral muscles. It is a great exercise to build upper body strength. 
  2. Bench Press – This is another major strength building exercise that focuses on the upper body. It targets the shoulders, arms and especially the chest area of the person. It is recommended to have a spot partner if you’re new to it. 
  3. Overhead Barbell Exercise – Like the bench press, it targets the same muscle groups. It strengthens the upper back core of the person. 
  4. Parallel Bar Dips – These dips literally are the best. They target your chest, shoulder and arms and increase the overall upper body strength and dexterity. Furthermore, it builds muscle mass. 
  5. Swimming – Swimming is constant engagement of arm and chest movement for aquatic movements. The breaststroke in particular engages the pectoral muscles and helps in overall fat loss. 

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