Combining Running And Weight Training For Optimal Results

When it comes to fitness, there are literally an endless number of possibilities. Some combine yoga with aerobics to make it a flexible form of workout. Some may combine some other with some other sorts of workout to make it worth it. Whatever it is, the goal is always to bring the best out of two and ultimately, benefit the body, mind and soul. One such type is combining running and weight training for optimal results. But, is this really a deadly combination to get the best outcome ?

We all know what running is and how it works. Running is an intense and fast-paced workout form. In this, you have to move swiftly with the help of your legs to reach a certain place. Not only this, but one also has to keep in mind the speed and determination with which they are moving. This is because both the above quantities need to be high in order to get the desired benefits. 

combining running and weight training

However, Weight Training is completely a separate chapter. This training involves all the things that build your muscles and abs. For instance, deadlift, pushups, lunges, squats- they all fall under this category. They are mainly a set of anaerobic exercises that are highly effective. Moreover, they are usually short duration workout forms that are meant to increase your muscle productivity and capability by multiple times. In addition to that, they are responsible for strengthening your entire body muscles, specifically the skeletal muscles.

Combining Running And Weight Training 

There are several benefits of both running and weight training. Running can be a good exercise for your heart. Whereas, weight training can strengthen your entire cardiovascular system. You can build strong bones with a 30-minute long and average speed run. While, you can improve your insulin sensitivity, bone density and lowering of the cholesterol levels with weight training. Either of the forms are useful and beneficial, then why not combine both ?

Well, combining running and weight training can be a great option. Infact, it would definitely surpass the positive effects of performing either of the two. You can simply go for a long run before practicing a set of weight training exercises. Furthermore, just warm up your body with a set of lunges, squats, pushups, butt bridge and a set of planks. This would hardly take 5 minutes of your routine. Then you can end your session with a nice yet powerful long run at an average speed.


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