Creatine – Your post-workout recovery supplement

Post-recovery is regarded as one of the most important phases in achieving strength and power. Professionals have always pointed the importance of it.
Creatine has been the most popular supplement among fitness enthusiasts. It is known for its speed-enhancing and increased hormones effects.
But is it helpful in a post-recovery workout? Studies have shown it has indirect effects in boosting muscle recovery.


Occurring as a natural substance in the body, it helps in the production of ATP. ATP is called the body’s currency. More ATP means better performance. It shares its properties with amnio acids and is mainly found in muscles, liver, kidneys, and brain. But when the body can’t produce enough of it, it has to consume it from supplements. (1)
Creatine as a supplement became more popular in the 1990s when two Olympic medalists credited the ATP booster for their success. From then, it becomes a major product in the industry.

Natural sources

Don’t want to drink those powders and shakes? We got you. Creatine is available in various natural foods, to get its benefits.
1. Herring fillets
2. Salmon
3. Pork
4. Milk
5. Cranberries
6. Bacon
7. Rabbit meat

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Different ways in which creatine helps in post-workout recovery

1. Promotes muscle growth.

Above all, creatine promotes cell mitotic activity. Research has found that supplements in combination with exercise result in the formation of new muscle cells.

2. Muscle recovery.

Resistance training allows muscle breakdown and protein helps to rebuild them.
Creatine helps in cell hydration, which in turn helps faster muscle building and boosts muscle recovery.

3. Decreases fatigue.

With building stronger muscles, creatinine supplements also help to decrease fatigue and tender muscle. As a result, energy levels are increased and more calories are burnt; the body works at its best.

4. Increased performance.

With the increase in ATP, the body has more energy. The ATP provides energy to lift heavy lifts and perform high-intensity exercises.

Using creatine as the only post-workout recovery won’t give you direct results. However, if combined with other supplements, creatine can deliver good recovery outputs. Creatine act as an ATP booster and hence increases energy and muscles.

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