Cycling vs Spinning

What’s the difference between cycling and spinning? Well in a nutshell not so much, yet cycling can be referred to as an outdoor activity on a road bike, mountain bike, or pleasure bike.

Whereas, spinning is an indoor activity that takes place on a stationary bike. And so there a lot of differences between the two bikes, for outdoor cycling there are control gears which you have to control making it easier as well as harder to pedal, on the other hand, spinning uses a resistance knob that applies to a 50 pounds flywheel to simulate the resistance you would feel while riding outdoors caused by the hills, the road or even the wind.


Cycling vs Spinning: Which is best?

Spinning is a really great way to get a fantastic workout within a short period of time. In spinning there’s no traffic or excess mileage to deal with, the classes can range from 45 to 60 minutes which are led by a certified instructor. In spinning, we can perform an efficient workout within a shorter period of time while also keeping the maximum heart rate up essential for cardiovascular fitness. It is a much controlled and safer environment and can work at a personal level. It is a pretty high-intensity workout that can burn a lot of calories.

Cycling on the other hand, though not quite as good as spinning can be satisfying and more spontaneous than cycling in a closed environment. You have to plan the route in advance, while also keeping in mind the weather forecast and can be expensive too. Cycling uses all the major lower-body muscles- the glutes, hamstrings, quads, shins, and calves.

Risk of Injury

In cycling vs spinning, we should consider the risk for an injury, looking at the set up of the machine, a spin bike is usually safer due to its lower risk of injury, this is because the flywheel is much easier which keeps the bike in constant motion, making it less impactful on the joints. However, this being said frequent spinners tend to spin faster and stand upright while doing so which can result in injuries. Standing and spinning are at a higher risk of injury as compared to sitting, however, there are chances of back pain as a result of hunching back.


Cycling requires skill and experience and takes more physical training than running, biking or walking as compared to spinning. People usually cycle out of their interest in the sport and requires a lot of energy to do so. Deciding between cycling and spinning can be a challenge, but it all depends on how do you plan you use it. It is however recommendable to try out and choose which is comfortable.

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